How do you measure true achievement? Is it about more than money? Cash in the bank is a handy gauge, yet to be abundantly supplied means we can benefit from loving relationships, a beautiful home, travel, and contribute via the realization of our purpose or life's work. The process we use to access this Universal or Devine Energy is by understanding both how it works and what we need to do to open ourselves to this creative and nurturing power. This is known as having a prosperity consciousness.

A prosperity consciousness means that you are assured there is an infinite supply of love, happiness, intelligence, and affluence available to one and all, but it is us as the individual who must ask for and receive this abundance. The source of this abundance is Devine and we also know that whatever we have or will have must come from this Absolute, Complete, All-powerful, All-knowing, source of intelligence.

As we are part of the Universe, we are already drawing whatever we need from this Divine Intelligence, but are able to consciously manage the stream of this power through our lives, as we wish. A person who holds a prosperity consciousness knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is: An abundance of love, happiness, ideas, money, time, energy, wisdom, and opportunities flowing through their mind and heart from this One Source. They think: "I will always prosper and have the money I need." "I will achieve my goals." 'Whatever I need is coming to me now." "I am drawing intelligence, ideas, and solutions from Infinite Mind, which is flowing through my individual mind."

The individual with a prosperity consciousness is a positive thinker, on no account defeated mentally, and persists until he or she achieves the goal. If limitation or lack should appear, a person with a prosperity consciousness does not accept the set back as the absolute truth, but regards it as a temporary condition, which will change as he or she changes their thoughts, words and actions. They know that where there is a will, there is certainly a way.

The 7 steps to Prosperity Thinking

1. Build a support structure for yourself including: Attending classes and seminars on the principles of successful living. Reading success literature, have empowering friendships, and listen to CD's on spirituality, success, and prosperity. Train yourself to think and articulate positive words and retain a positive, flourishing, and enthusiastic mind-set. Use the principles of repetition and affirmation to re-program your subconscious mind.
2. Listen to your inner voice. You may chose to pray, others meditate; others enjoy walks in nature. Whatever works for you, use it to quieten your mind and ask for guidance.
3. Give up anger, bitterness, or envy for others, as these interrupt the course of divine energy. By making others wrong and you right, criticizing others or yourself, and dwelling upon your mistakes or losses, all stop the flow.
4. Associate with high-minded, generous, & spiritually-conscious people. Limit your contact with individuals who sap your mental or spiritual energy. Steer clear of watching or reading nonconstructive news.
5. Think and conduct yourself as the person you want to turn out to be. Have good posture, a cheerful face, dress smartly, be clean, and endeavor to look successful and appealing at all times. Act as if, and you are.
6. Set goals that will help you attain your purpose and mission. Discover what others, who have achieved what you would like to attain, did to get where they are. Model their method. Give up procrastination & do it now.
7. Gather as many associates and allies as you are able and help them, as they will also help you. Develop your group of trusted, skilled, and supportive members. Your ‘Mastermind’ group will support and provide ideas to every person in the collective.

Remember that success is not an accident. By observing and modeling the procedures and mind-set of those to which we aspire we must surely achieve comparable results.

Author's Bio: 

Daniel Britton is a UK based author, inspirational speaker and success coach. He works extensively with young people raising aspiration through personal development, financial and enterprise education.
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