Marketing on the internet involves a lot of variables to come together in order for you to be successful. When starting an online business it is not uncommon to lose your initial focus upon discovering all there is to do and learn. The key here is to stick to the basics in order to give you the best chance at getting a successful start. The best chance you have for business success when starting out online is to establish certain components of your business structure first.

Here are 7 key components you will want to establish in order to start an online business and give yourself the best chance at a successful start.

Pick a Niche

Your first step is to select a market or niche that you want to work in. Two things you want to look for is a market that has a good demand AND contains customers willing to spend money!

Establish an Online Presence

To start an online business you will have to establish some sort of online presence such as a website of some sort for doing business. Now whether you decide to build a website or blog is up to you but having an online location makes it easy/possible to conduct business. Your site will also lend legitimacy to you and your business.

Get Good at Keyword Research

Recognize the importance of keyword research and how important it is for business success online. If you do not know it already you will soon realize that proper keyword utilization is essential to almost every aspect of online marketing.

Content Creation

The content you publish online will be meant to inform, entertain, interest, or at least captivate visitors. Now do not take this as meaning you have to write like a best selling author. Online content is most times merely nothing more than casual conversation communicating thoughts, ideas, opinions, or product features and benefits.

Oh and by the way you will want to properly optimize much of your content with keywords so that search engines can easily find it.

Traffic Generation

Along with keyword research traffic generation is something you will be doing all the time. Without traffic to your site (customers) you have no business. Generating the right traffic will certainly help you get the successful start you need.

List Building

Collecting contact information of people who have visited your site(s) is essential to your long term business growth online. Build a squeeze page that people will land on BEFORE they get to your 'commerce' site so that you can capture their information.

Email Marketing Campaign

After capturing customer contact information you will immediately commenced to contacting them via email in order to develop a 'working' relationship with them. Allow them to first become familiar with you thereby increasing their comfort and trust in you will help give you a successful start with your campaign.

Once you have established their trust you can then promote products to them and this trust you have developed should make these promotional efforts more effective.

Your best bet to get a successful start when marketing on the internet is to stick to the basics at first. Starting an online business can be overwhelming for many initially as they discover all there is to learn. The key here is that you do not need to learn everything all at once. By focusing on just the 7 key components we discussed above you can easily position yourself for business success immediately. As your business begins to earn you an income you can then look to further increase your education. As time goes on and you increase your knowledge you will see similar increases in your business. Just relax and understand you do not have to do it all at one time.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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