There's no doubt that cover letters are absolutely necessary for job success. However, how can you make sure your letter stands out from the crowd? How can you urge a person to employ you merely by submitting one single letter of introduction? Do not underestimate the power of a great cover letter. If it is composed professionally, you will be one step closer to success. So below are 7 cover letter tips for you that you can either take advantage of or ignore. Bear in mind that a great advice is not effective until it is put into action.

· Submitting Your Cover Letter – Cover letters generally include an explanation of who you are and why you are submitting them to a particular person, with courtesy. Basically, you are composing and passing them if you are not going to meet the hiring manager face to face for the first time. However, if you are going to shake hands with the hiring manager, non-verbal introduction such as your cover letter is not that necessary. In this situation, you can pass your resume without the cover letter.

· Cover Letter Content – Most job seekers are having trouble on deciding what to include in their letter. There are 4 major topics that should be handled in the letter. First, you should include what position you are applying for. But then, if you are only inquiring for a job’s availability, you can state what kind of job you are interested in. Second, state how you heard about the vacancy. Third, explain why you are the best person for the job. And lastly, write your contact information.

· Cover Letter Type – Cover letters come in several different types. The correct type of cover letter for you is the one that displays the type of job search guidance you are requesting. It should be able to reflect your intention on writing to the reader. There are many free templates for the cover letter. This can be a good medium to help you get started.

· Cover Letter Format – The message and presentation of your letter should be formatted. Whether you are applying via email or through snail mail, properly arranged cover letter is very essential. Technically, it should be readable and free of errors. Additionally, the letter should be custom fit. Though this can be time consuming, it is still significant to spend time and effort on writing a individualized cover letter to show your interest.

· Email Cover Letter – Applying online is more in trend today than passing your cover letter and resume to likely employers via snail mails. In submitting an email cover letter, it is significant that you stick with the directions given by the employer. For instance, if the instruction states to submit the documents in Adobe PDF files, do so.

· Employment Gap – Employment gap is most often inevitable. If you have gaps due to laid off and out of work, explain this in your cover letter as short as possible. Your cover letter gives you the chance to explain yourself so take advantage of it. Also, explain shortly as hiring managers only glance at them. Do not waste your time and also your reader’s time on long cover letters.

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