Flowers and romance go hand in hand. For many years, people would give exotic flowers in vases and bouquets. But there is a better way to present your romantic flowers- flower baskets.
The shape and the size of the basket do not matter a lot—the meaning of the flowers and the intent matters. Thus, before you select any flower basket for your partner, understand the importance of the flowers. Also, the flowers should match the occasion. Below are some fantastic exotic flowers for a partner’s flower basket.


I know you don’t need to remind her of your love. She knows it. But it never hurts to send her a symbol of love in a basket. Yes, carnations are the perfect representation of love. These fluffy flowers are available throughout the year. A basket of flowers full of carnations is exotic.


The universal symbol of romance is roses and chocolates. When you are preparing a flower basket, ensure there is a generous amount of roses. You can mix red and pink roses to signify love and romance. However, you can add other hues- like yellow- if you need to send an apology.


When you want to create a romantic atmosphere, peonies will ease up your work. The flowers execute romance, bashfulness, and prosperity.

Matthiola Incana

The reason flowers are a center of love and romance is their delicate scents. Cloves and cinnamon are common spices due to their heavenly scent. You do not find the smell only in foods. Send her some Matthiola Incana to enjoy the blissful scent.

Pink Asters

Every day, she shines brighter than a star. Her love makes the atmosphere lively. Please give her a basket of flowers to show she is a star in your life. You can only do that if the basket is full of pink asters. You will enjoy the smile on her face afterward.


Are you celebrating your 10th anniversary? The perfect flowers for the flower basket are the daffodils. The flowers signify luck and resilience.


You can never express the depth of your love if you do not offer orchids. The flowers are gentle and long-lasting. They show that your love is peaceful and eternal. They make a perfect flower basket for a proposal.


Perfect love is hard to find. Only the lucky few enjoy it. If you know you found it in her, it will be fair to show it through exotic flowers. Tulips are the symbol of perfect love.


She is your sunshine. That is why she deserves some exotic flowers. Fill that flower basket with vibrant sunflowers to brighten up her day.

Casa Blanca Lilies

When you first landed your eyes on her. You saw beauty, class, and style. Appreciate her appearance with flowers that tells her she is all that beautiful, classy, and stylish.


You can never go wrong if the flower baskets has a meaning. The exotic lowers above are perfect gifts for your partner.

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