Before we talk about the best iMac Mockup to use for professional presentations, it is best to talk about the advantages of these technological terms individually. First of all, no desktop could ever top the Apple iMac. It is not just the form or the professional way that it looks, it is everything that it carries with it—the power that translates to the best professional presentations. The iMac might look simple but it holds all of the computer’s hardware without the bulk. So your desk will always look clean and minimalistic. Added to its minimalistic look is the technology’s minimal use of power cord. Desktop accessories can be used through Bluetooth technology.

Mockups, on the other hand, provide a more realistic look of what the actual output would look like. When you use other presentation tools, prospective clients will only get an idea of what you are actually talking about but they don’t see what it actually is. There might be disappointments along the way when what was presented was not effectively translated into an output.

So imagine when you put the two together: iMac mockup. You have a powerful machine to present a powerful tool. Having said that, Ramotion has some great clay ones in its mockup line-up; and here are some of the best iMac mockups for designers:

1. iMac Pro, iMac, Stylized iMac Mockup

For this, you get the actual iMac and iMac Pro mockups plus a clay model, which features a clean and minimalistic design. The lot includes Photoshop and Sketch files, which is great because the two can easily be converted according to your need. One of the best parts about this type is everything can be seen with pure clarity on the iMac screen. That is going to be plenty impressive when you are showing off web designs and mobile application designs.

2. iMac Mockup by Mansi

This mockup, though, has a specific look to it that it will look better in a white iMac on a dark wooden desk. This is why it is important to know your target market before you can make a presentation to demonstrate the best possible output. The mockup features high-quality images you can use and edit to your heart’s content. Though there are free mockups around, this one won’t break the bank so money should not be an issue. If you want something professional and good, you should not object to a little monetary premium.

3. Workspace iMac PSD Mockup

It doesn’t need to take a genius to get that this is the perfect workspace mockup. When you are at work and preparing your best design spiel, this will be the perfect tool because this mockup PSD provides a workspace scene. This means that this will do great if you are trying to design an office network software or system. Complete the presentation with what most professionals have in their work desks like a pen holder with various pens and markers, notebooks, a coffee mug and a phone—an iPhone perhaps? Just because it works seamlessly with the iMac. Because it is on PSD file, you can work perfectly with Smart Objects without destroying layers during editing.

4. 3x Real Photo iMac mockups

As the name suggests, there are three setups included in the mockup set showing different angles of the same location. Not only does this mockup showcase photorealistic iMac, it gives the best representation of your work because of the different approaches. If there is indifference in one angle, perhaps the next one will sway the vote. It can really show off a portfolio of designs. The mockup template is also easy to edit so that it will showcase the definite design that you want to demonstrate. The smart layers are very easy to edit as well.

5. iMac and iPhone mockup

What is great about the iPhone is that you can work in there as well. So wherever you are, you can work on your repertoire—whether it is a design task, marketing assignment, branding project or anything that needs top-notch technology to prosper. Now, because all Apple products work seamlessly together, this mockup showcases that responsive balance between the iMac and the iPhone. This mockup showcases the two products side by side, the perfect way to present a website design as well as the mobile application design. That is exactly what businesses need in this digital world: a working website for online presence and a functional mobile application to keep customers.

6. Mac Multi-Device Responsive Mockup

Continuing on the seamless transition of work among all Apple devices, this kind of mockup will work perfectly with whatever equipment you are working with—whether it is with the powerful MacBook Pro or the more modest MacBook, iMac and the more convenient iPad. This mockup has 10 PSD files that you can easily edit for customization purposes, which will come in handy during specific presentations. Each file also has optimized layers that are easy to edit.

7. 18 iMac / Desktop Screen Mockup

This is a great design for e-commerce, especially businesses that have online stores as main mode of income. As the name suggests, there are 18 PSD files included in the set. On the side of a designer, this will perfectly showcase their design because of the multiple scenes that can be depicted. But for an online store, this will perfectly showcase detailed images of a specific product or service.

8. Responsive Screen Mockup Pack

It is important that the harmony of Apple products is always emphasized when it comes to creating designs. That makes it easier for those who prefer working on different modes. So this mockup perfectly showcases what to expect when you have multiple gadgets, as most people do and as businesses are expected to have. All digital products in the mockup are in high resolution, which works best when you are trying to impress.
Why people love working with iMac

The Mac computer has certainly come a long way from its gumdrop design over two decades ago. But as it changes physically, it maintains its revolutionary aspect. Professionals love to work on an iMac because of its performance and power, complemented with its high-resolution display.

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