There is no denying that living with chronic pain can make life exhausting and difficult. It can cause a lot of stress and worry and impact your professional and personal life as you may be unable to function properly. It is essential to remember that chronic pain is not a symptom; it is a disease in itself and treating the pain is not just about targeting the source, but providing treatment as a whole. While eliminating pain completely is not realistic, it can be reduced enough to improve the quality of life. Yet, there are some common chronic pain mistakes made by sufferers that get in the way.
Listed below are the 8 biggest chronic pain mistakes that you can easily avoid:

Mistake 1: Toughening it out
One of the biggest mistakes that chronic pain sufferers make is not going to the doctor when they start feeling pain. They prefer to tough it out and wait for at least six months or a year before visiting a doctor. Some people just downplay the pain whereas others believe it will go away on its own. Some opt for self-treatment with over-the-counter painkillers, which only numb the pain temporarily.

Mistake 2: Avoiding exercising
When you are hurting, obviously you don’t want to exercise, but it is a fact that exercising can be effective for reducing all kinds of pain. It will lubricate your joints and strengthen the muscles, which makes you less vulnerable to joint pain and injuries. Moreover, as per a practitioner from FarmacyBliss, exercising releases natural pain-relieving endorphins that fight the inflammation associated with various painful conditions and can also give your mood a boost.

Mistake 3: Chasing away pain with medications
Many patients chase away the pain by taking more and more medications, but this will eventually make those medications ineffective, even at high doses. Yes, certain medicine can be helpful for combating pain, but only when they are used the right way.

Mistake 4: Taking medicine only when you feel pain
In simple terms, medications for chronic pain should be taken on a time-contingent basis, which means in regular intervals. However, most people only take medicine when they start feeling pain and this will not give them the results they are after. If you want to eliminate chronic pain, you need to take your medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

Mistake 5: Not understanding that medicine is not enough
Effective chronic pain management is not just about taking painkillers and other medications. There are other self-care techniques that can be very helpful in pain management. Bear in mind that medications can only deal with 50 to 60 percent of the pain so other techniques like exercising, massage etc. can come in handy.

Mistake 6: Not consulting a specialist
It is vital to remember that you need to consult a behavioral pain specialist such as a clinical social worker or psychologist to learn some powerful pain management techniques and skills. Just going to any physician and getting them to prescribe painkillers is not a solution.

Mistake 7: Avoiding natural options
Natural remedies such as a massage with essential oils, acupuncture, and reflexology can be very effective in alleviating and managing pain. Most people don’t believe them to be effective, but it is a fact that they are often a healthier option. Yes, they may take time to have an impact, but they will provide you with great long-term results in managing chronic pain.

Mistake 8: Not taking advantage of research
Last, but not the least, you should do some research into chronic pain and treatment options available. Undergoing surgery or taking painkillers is not the only answer; you have plenty of choices, but only if you open yourself up to researching and exploring them.

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