Business owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to maintaining and establishing a successful name in business. Most small businesses can’t afford to take time away from their business when they first get going. So it is imperative that they take all precautions when preparing to store data files in their system. Storing data is an essential part of the modern business. Computer use has grown exponentially over the last decade adding to the need for greater data security. Data loss has caused falls in many businesses who didn’t have the finances readily available to bounce back. This article will provide 8 key statistics that every business owner and aspiring business owner should know.

The first thing you should know is that losing data can cost a business substantial amounts of money. US businesses lose billions of dollars to loss data every year. It is documented that 60% of US businesses that lose data will shut down within six months. A small to medium size business who lacks financial backing struggle to regain the money they lose in a data disaster. Losing data could range from a variety of situations. Computer failures are common. With the sales of PC’s and laptops on a high rise from 20 years ago the number of computer failures have risen as well. 6% of all computers sold will have an episode of loss data.

Another reason businesses lose data is because of building fires. A fire can damage a office terribly. The damage caused by a fire could be cosmetic which closes down the company for an extended period of time or the fire could spark from not having a surge protector around your computers plug ins which leads to fires that can take out your servers. 30% of businesses that have major fire damage go out of business due to the cost that is accumulated. Out of those that do make it back from the damage 70% actually fail within the next 5 years. These numbers show you the importance of backup and recovery for your data and records.

As small business owners you have to take certain precautions into your own hands. Make sure you test all backup tape and CD ROMs before you save any data to them. 34% of business owners fail to test their onsite backup material and out of the ones that actually did test their material 77% ended testing failed backup tape. The extra precaution can be what keeps your data safe so pay close attention to what you choose to use as data backup. If your company is making good money it may be time to utilize an online business backup so you can access your information immediately after a problem. Offsite data backup can be a great tool for a growing business as well. Especially saves companies who experience a fire or lightening strike from losing their data because the stored information will not be in the facility. Learning to secure your data will save you money and in most cases it can save your business from falling victim to major financial burdens.
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