We all love Christmas because it is a season full of joy and happiness. It’s time to celebrate with friends and loved ones to give thanks for what God has done for us throughout the year. We can also appreciate all the people who helped us succeed in what we did. Sending Christmas flowers is a great way to show your appreciation. Christmas flowers come in in many blooms and arrangements. Red, green, and white makeup Christmas colors. Therefore, if you are having a hard time picking the best Christmas flowers, just look for a bouquet with one or all these colors. You can also send a bouquet with one bloom containing all these colors or different blooms in one bouquet.

Cosmea Gardens offers a wide range of Christmas flowers to choose from. We handpick our flowers very carefully to ensure that they retain their beauty when we deliver them. Some of the best Christmas flowers that you will get from our store include:

Christmas Rose Bouquets

What makes the rose flower a perfect bloom to use in Christmas Bouquets and arrangements is how it comes in all the Christmas colors: red, green, and white. Roses also make beautiful centerpieces and Christmas wreaths. The message on your card can read, “May the festive season bring happiness to you, my friend. Merry Christmas”.


Although poinsettias are plants, what makes them great for Christmas is their deep green cherry red look. They are the popular potted plants in the festive season from their bright leaves that resemble petals. “Even though we are miles apart, I am thinking of you this Christmas.”


You will notice these unique Christmas flowers from their tall, dramatic blooms and elegant green leaves. To make your Christmas space look vibrant and smell fresh, these flowers are your best pick. As you send these flowers, write down a special message that says, “May your wishes come true this Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas”.

White Lilies

Send a beautiful Christmas message that says, “May the joy that Christmas brings feel your heart this festive season. Happy holidays, my friend”. Send this message coupled with enchanting white lilies that symbolize Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Red and White Roses

This perfect combination of Christmas blooms brings joy and good cheer of the festive season to anyone setting eyes on them. As you send these Christmas flowers, don’t forget to include a cheerful message to your friend.


As you plan to travel home to see your long lost friend, remember to include beautiful Christmas flowers to give him or her. Christmas flowers help spread the good cheer that comes with Christmas if you can’t find the best Christmas flowers from this list to send to your friend.

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