Although fashion is about experimenting, let's not forget that many of the great beasts of popular culture have emerged from experimentation. From Frankenstein's monster to the decadent and diseased figure of Mr. Hyde, all have been the product of a disastrous trial process that, unexpectedly or unexplainably, did not go as planned. The same goes for fashion. 

In a scene as large as this, there is never a lack of someone who, in pursuit of innovation, destroys his style with very unacceptable trends and clothing.

Although it is sexist in some way, there are many of us who confuse style with pop culture and, in naivetés, literally end up becoming characters of a bad tasting cartoon. From clothes that make us look as if we had come out of a disastrous closet to looks that exaggerate "Classic taste," there are too many things that can ruin a man's outfit without him realizing it.

Karan Malik, a fashion icon from an Indian decent, living in USA, continues to rake in following on Instagram and openly spoke about the importance of fashion for men, with us.

Before we dive into Fashion do’s & Don’ts, lets drop an Easter egg about Malik’s upcoming project. Throughout his modeling career, he has laid great emphasis on style accompanied with a strong personality trait can catapult anyone beyond the creme-de-la-creme, and we all know that there is nothing sexier, than a well-read fashionista. Therefore, *Cough* Malik is set to publish his first book, a fictional account which would be an interesting read once it is released.

Now, the list of these elements is extensive. However, there are eight specific points that apparently most lads miss. Their lack of understanding about Prints, fits and colors often ends up making them the worst beasts that have ever attacked the men's fashion genre.

  1. Risqué shirts

No, this is not valid even if the hair on your chest makes you seem strapping in someone else’s eyes. The correct way to button a shirt is to leave the first button loose - unless the shirt’s style, location or an event *sigh* demands it, the second can be unbuttoned - and the rest must be secured!

  1. Pun-ie t-shirts

No, your T-shirt with a drunken joke or meme doesn't surprise anyone beyond high school. These T-shirts only make you look as if you had left your house with that single clean T, left in your wardrobe. Spruce it up with some well-fitting, structured Polo’s or Solid colored fitting T shirts, that you can upgrade with some a neck chain/pendant accessory.

  1. Cargo shorts

They were trending in the late 1980s and throughout most of the 1990s; however, these baggy pants would no longer have to be in any man's wardrobe. Storage space shouldn't be a problem, because, well, backpacks and waist bags are in and already exist.

  1. Shoes without socks & Sandals with them (Tragic)

Malik says, “neither fashion experts nor podiatrists recommend this terrible trend because depending on the material of the shoes, the foot tends to sweat and smell much worse than it normally does. In hot weather, socks function as a kind of towel that wicks sweat from your feet to prevent fungal problems. If you do not want the socks to be visible, you can use a no-show that reaches below the ankles.”

Tragedy intensifies with men who sport faded/abused socks with some chunky sandals. Therefore, do not hesitate to rock your pedicured feet with some chic sandals under some nice chinos or formal shorts.

  1. Headscarf

There are only three acceptable ways to wear a scarf: it is folded into the jacket or pants and with a scarf tied around the neck. Putting it on your head (unless you are 2000’s stan) is like you've never gotten past this dark time where everyone wanted to be a sweaty pirate full of testosterone.

  1. Flip flops & Slides

The real problem is not using them, but pretending that it works well in shopping malls, bars, or work centers. Malik says, “Growing up in an Army setup, these options were a strict advised against at our dinner tables and any such events”. Especially if your feet are not exactly aesthetic, this type of footwear will only make you look extremely bad, unpolished, lazy as well as potentially informal.

  1. Fad-Fashion Trends

Investing in Fad-fashion trends like Men’s Rompers, Oversized Baggy head to toe look or see through acrylic pants, that you might only wear once to that event, will only add to your massive un-used closet. Instead, invest in some high-quality classic pieces that will last you a good 5 years if not the lifetime, and can be leveraged from office to happy hours, effortlessly.

  1. Smelly Situation

Yes, you could be dressed head toe in some killer outfit but those unfriendly scents from the food you cooked earlier to those sweaty pit stains can put you on the “HEYYLL NO!” list. Always carry your signature perfume or Eu-de toilette’s travel sized bottle along wherever you go. I like to be known for my signature scent which usually changes every season. A good option to try new scents, without much investment is via subscription services, like ScentBox. My current personal favorite of this Season is Louis Vuitton’s “Sun song”. So, fellas, don’t be afraid to leave a trail of your sexy scent, as you work your way to you next destination.

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