Healthy lifestyle habits and right food behaviour are vital for a good health. Good food provides our body with energy and nutrients while healthy lifestyle ensures strong immunity and better mental as well as physical health. However, failing to acknowledge the two habits can make us susceptible to a variety of stomach ailments like constipation.
Health experts suggest that constipation is often a result of bad eating behaviour and inefficient lifestyle habits. It can hamper the functioning of the digestive system by slowing down the movement of stool (food) in the digestive tract. This leverages the intestines to absorb excess amount of water, which eventually makes the stool dry and hard. Sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, smoking, etc. are some other factors that are associated with constipation. However, the condition majorly occurs as an eventual result of consuming gut-unfavourable foods.
Here are some of the most common foods that can make your poop hard and cause constipation:
1. Unripe bananas
While yellow ripe bananas are known for their digestive benefits, unripe bananas can be troublesome for your stomach. Unlike ripe bananas, unripe bananas contain a significantly higher concentration of tannins. Various studies assert that tannins are naturally occurring antioxidants that can lead to or aggravate pre-existing constipation.
2. Caffeine
While a cup of coffee can stimulate your bowel movements in the morning, various carbonated and caffeinated beverages like colas and energy drinks can lead to irregular bowel movements. Moreover, excessive consumption of caffeine or its consumption when dehydrated can also lead to constipation.
3. Bubble gum
First and foremost, bubble gum if swallowed does not take years to digest. However, swallowing many pieces can still create problems. Health experts claim that the pieces can form a mass that can block the digestive tract and lead to constipation.
4. Chocolate
Chocolate allegedly contains a significant amount of fat that tends to slow down the digestion process. For instance, a study published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology reveals that chocolate was a top offender in a group of constipation patients.
5. Chips
Chips are low in fibre content and boast a high amount of unhealthy fats that tend to slow down the stool movement. Though they are one of the most popular snacks all around the world, you should preferably decide on healthy alternative like fruits and nuts.
6. White bread
White bread is typically made from white flour or Maida. It contains a fairly low amount of fibre and a relatively high amount of starch. Thus, it is always better to decide on whole grain counterparts that contain notable amount of digestive fibre.
7. Red meat
Red meat can cause constipation due to a variety of reasons. While it is already low on fibre content and high on fat content, it further tends to indirectly reduce the daily fibre intake by taking the place of high-fibre options in diet. Moreover, it is also rich in iron, a nutrient associated with constipation in many cases.
8. Alcohol
Alcohol is regarded as one of the primary causes of constipation. Various studies assert that alcohol consumption tends to favour fluid loss via urine that can eventually dehydrate the body. This can further slows down the digestion process and result in constipation.
Moreover, food items like white rice, frozen foods, full fat dairy products, etc. can also lead to constipation. Thus, it is always better to avoid the above-mentioned foods in order to maintain a healthy gut. The ailment can be treated easily with the best ayurvedic laxatives for constipation like KABZEND. It contains the goodness of 17 herbal ingredients including Senna leaves, Ispaghula, and Yashtimadhu that trigger bowel linings and initiates a stimulant laxative effect. It also contains other ingredients like Triphala, Ajwain, and Sendha Namak that are highly beneficial for the digestive health

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