3D printing has allowed companies to innovate and change the way they do business over the past few years. It has transformed the automotive industry and opened new possibilities in the medical industry. This technology is being used in architecture, construction, and even aeronautics. But 3D printing is not just a huge boon for big businesses. Anyone can use this technology to create a business. The opportunities brought about by additive manufacturing are endless. Below are 8 ideas for a 3D printing business that you can take on today.

3D Printing B2C Business Ideas

Printing products for consumers is not something one would have considered a couple of years ago. But with the lowering costs of 3D printers, the average Joe and Jane can now utilize this technology to create customized items for people who need them.

Customized Collectibles

There's no shortage of people who love collecting stuff that interests them. Some like collecting sports memorabilia, others like collecting toys. With 3D printing, they can get collectibles that they've only dreamed of. For example, a few years ago, players of the online game World of Warcraft started looking for a way to get their video game character printed - something that was only possible due to 3D printing. While it seems like a niche business, the opportunities are actually endless.

You can print figurines of famous athletes and other types of celebrities. You can print your favorite cartoon or comic book characters. The huge advantage of a business such as this is that you don't need to store inventory because this is 3D printing on-demand - only when the customer requests it. In addition, the cost of the material is low. And you can easily run your business out of your home.

Customized Bike Helmets

Cycling is a dangerous activity. Falling off your bike and hitting your head is nothing to joke about. But finding a helmet that fits your noggin to a T while offering you the amount of protection you need is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, several companies such as HEXR, Riddell, and Kupol have already started offering custom-fit bike helmets to consumers. And you don't have to stop at bike helmets. You can offer to print custom-fit sports headgear as well.

Customizable Accessories

Everyone likes to own personalized items - customized phone cases, key chains, picture frames, pen holders, bookends, pet collars, etc. You can capitalize on this "want" by offering your 3D printing service. The beauty of this type of business is that it has unlimited growth potential. You can start with just one type of product and grow it from there. For example, you can create custom phone cases with a person's name on them. Then, move on to creating phone cases with graphics. Maybe add another customizable product to your list such as phone holders or customized earphones. You can move on to pendants or mugs. The possibilities, as we've mentioned, are endless.

Customized Eyewear

Did you know that it was possible to get custom-tailored eyewear done? Eyewear designed specifically to fit your facial features to deliver optimal comfort AND make you look good? Well, it is now. In fact, there's one company - Topology - that's offering to design and print the perfect frames for consumers. The good news is that the market is large enough to accommodate more than one company doing business. There's room enough for you. Pretty soon, customers will be hailing your life-changing eyeglasses as the only way to go.

Customized Spare Parts

If you've ever tried restoring an old car, then you know how difficult it can be to find spare parts. Not only are they rare, but they can also be incredibly expensive. This is because manufacturers are no longer producing and storing these types of parts in their inventory because it eats away on their operational costs. But if someone was to 3D print these spare parts, many restorers would definitely be interested. You won't need to store any of the parts unless you get a request. You can print the part within a short period of time. More importantly, you can offer the printed parts to these restorers at a fraction of the cost.

3D Printing B2B Business Ideas

If working with consumers is not something you’re interested in, you can sell your 3D printed products to businesses instead. There are several advantages when going with the B2B option. You won’t have to have a dedicated customer service department to deal with inquiries and feedback, especially if you’re only starting out.

Printing product designs

Rapid prototyping is one of the biggest advantages brought about by 3D printing. This means that companies can easily get a prototype of their product within days instead of weeks, enabling them to test their idea and design at a much faster rate and at a lower cost. Moreover, you don't have to stick with companies that have new product ideas. You can also provide this service to companies looking to improve upon their existing products or allow companies to customize their products for their customers.

Promotional Products

Companies are always on the lookout for new, innovative marketing materials that they can use to promote interest in their product/service. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily start producing promotional products on your 3D printer and offer them at an affordable cost. You can even do business with ad agencies that are always looking for creative promotional products for their clients.

Detailed Models

There's no limit to what you can create with a 3D printer on hand. That includes producing highly detailed models for architecture firms, interior design agencies, and property development companies. Creating a visual of what they're envisioning at a low cost can help them improve on the services they provide their customers and boost their customer's experience. For example, property development companies can use a detailed model to help their buyers see how living in the space would fit their current lifestyle before they sign on the dotted line.

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