Cosmetic surgeries for the eyes are quite popular. As we age, our eyes become puffy because of excessive edema in our eye bags. A droopy eyelid can hinder good vision, and that is why droopy eyelid surgery becomes imperative. Moreover, a skin tag can be associated with many aesthetic concerns. Many eye clinics offer skin tags on eyelid removal procedures because of their increasing cosmetic concerns. People frequently search for the safety and success of cosmetic eyelid surgeries.

Facts about cosmetic eyelid surgeries:

Regardless of the benefits of cosmetic eye surgeries, people are more concerned about the prognosis, success rate, and long-term safety of these surgeries. It raises many suspicions and myths which can effectively be answered by eye doctors, specialist and surgeons. 


Following are the eight most important facts about cosmetic eyelid surgeries that you must know to avoid confusion.

Widely popular surgical procedures:

Eyelid surgeries are not something uncommon in medical society. These surgeries are pretty famous because of all the aesthetic benefits. Moreover, blepharoplasty can effectively target the excessive skin, fat and muscle tissue around the eyes, widely prevalent in the older population. As per Calgary ophthalmologists, I was surprised to learn that cosmetic eyelid surgery is the third most popular surgical procedure. Of course, liposuction and breast enlargement being the other two popular procedures. 

The reverse ageing benefits:

The most commonly involved skin in the ageing process is the skin around your eyes. After thirty years of age, the elasticity and turgor of skin around our eyes begin to decrease. This results in saggy and droopy eyelids. Eye surgeons can effectively target these reversible issues, and you will look younger than your actual age. It is not just the aesthetic benefits; you will also see better after removing these excess tissues around your eyes.

Preservation of your original appearance:

Many people confuse cosmetic eyelid surgery with plastic surgery that is targeted to modify facial structures. The sole purpose of eyelid surgery is to remove the unwanted tissue for better preservation of the original appearance. However, this surgery can also be augmented by other surgical procedures depending upon your goals and desires. Talk with an eye surgeon to explore the best treatment options for you.

Longer lasting results:


Unlike other surgeries with short-term benefits and complications, cosmetic eyelid surgeries provide longer-lasting results. In most cases, a single surgical procedure is sufficient for lifelong benefits. The puffiness and droopy eye musculature are unlikely to reappear after single successful eyelid surgery. Further augmentation can be provided by a readily available botox injection. Lifestyle modifications and healthy habits can further increase the longevity of the post-surgical results.

Safer procedure:

Eyes are very delicate and sensitive body parts. Fear is associated with the surgical procedures targeted towards the eyes. However, droopy eyelid surgeries are very safe, and there are no significant risks associated with these surgeries. Once done successfully, cosmetic eyelid surgeries don’t lead to any further complications. Rare complications can still happen, but these are easily manageable with the help of non-invasive procedures.

Quicker recovery:

Another significant benefit of cosmetic eyelid surgeries is the quicker recovery time after surgeries. A person undergoing eyelid surgery can experience mild pain, swelling, and occasional vision changes. The unlikelihood of post-surgical complications can significantly reduce the recovery span in patients. Still, these are self-limiting signs that can be resolved within a few days. No special procedures are required to treat these signs. In this way, a person is back on track just a few weeks after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Flexible insurance policies:

Depending upon your health insurance plan, you may get juicy compensations for your eyelid surgeries. In older adults, droopy eyelids can cause serious health risks secondary to impaired vision. So, insurances often include the cost of cosmetic eyelid surgeries in their health plan for the older population. The additional surgical augmentation may not be covered in the primary insurance plan. Suppose cosmetic eyelid surgery is only required for aesthetic purposes. In that case, you may need to cover the cost of a complete procedure on your own. 

Non-surgical options:

An eye specialist may try a non-surgical option before considering cosmetic eyelid surgery in the first place. Botox is the most famous non-surgical option that can reduce the swelling and looseness around the eyes in minor cases. So, you will only be asked to consider cosmetic eyelid surgeries if you have significant aesthetic or vision-related issues.

Cosmetic eyelid surgeries are very safe procedures that can be done without fearing the risks of significant complications. However, vast fear of stigmatization is associated with eyelid surgeries because eyes are delicate structures. This guide can help you in uncovering all the myths related to cosmetic eyelid surgeries. Consult with your eye surgeon for a better outcome and longer-lasting results after your eyelid surgery.

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