In the recent years technology has evolved to a great extent. This is visible in many fields, one of them being in plumbing. Faucets, or rather taps have come a long way, thus introducing the touchless kitchen faucet. A touchless faucet, also known as a motion sensing faucet is one that has a proximity sensor.

It also has a mechanism that makes the tap to open its valve when it is in the presence of a hand. These touchless faucets began to be used in public washrooms such as those of airports. They then gained popularity and have been introduced in personal residences especially in kitchens. They help to regulate water consumption and consequentially save water.

Over the years of its use, its advantages and disadvantages have been clearly highlighted. This has led to eruption of myths concerning touchless kitchen faucet.

We will discuss some of them below.

Touchless kitchen faucets are known to transmit bacteria

When the touch and touchless faucets were first introduced, it was used commonly in hospitals. This institution is well known as a harbour of bacteria and pathogens. The faucets were contaminated as a result of the exposure. In turn, this led to the stemming of the myth concerning the transmission of bacteria.

Well, today I am here to prove you wrong. The hospitals are different from personal residence. This is because personal residences are not full of people who are not feeling well going in and out. This therefore means that at homes there are minimal bacteria and with regular cleaning the kitchen faucets is not a threat.

Difficult to install

Faucets, being automated, usually make one to think of them as technical to install and operate. This is not the case as these equipment come with a set of instructions and an installation manual. This makes all the work easy as you are only subjected to following the instructions as stated in the manual.

The newer models of touchless kitchen faucet also have number-coded plumbing. This system helps a lot in the co-ordinating of the components of the touchless faucet hence making it even simpler to install.

Energy cost

Since the whole system depends on electricity, there have been a considerable number of thoughts concerning the high cost that accompanies it. However, this myth is not true since the cost of the electricity is directly proportional to the amount of water consumed. This means that the higher the amount of water consumed, the higher the cost of electricity.

Recent developments have also helped a lot in cutting down the cost of energy. This has been greatly impacted by the use of renewable energy in place of the non-renewable methods. These renewable methods save on cost and hence prove to be of great help in cutting down the cost.

Difficult to control temperature

This was a problem in the first types of touchless faucets that were introduced to the market. This was so because of the low quality of the parts that were used to build the faucets. This problem has been solved since there are more reputable manufacturers in the market and hence the parts are highly efficient, thus leading to the reduction of complaints.

Impossible to clean

This myth has come up based on the fact that a touchless kitchen faucet lets out water any time there is a hand near it. This therefore makes a lot of people to think that it is almost impossible to clean it due to the wastage of water when the faucet goes on and off. This, fortunately, is not the idea since the faucet manufacturers usually take such ideas into consideration.

Touchless faucets usually go off when there is a quick wave of a hand near it. This therefore means that prolonged grip does not make it to open and hence countering wastage of water and making cleaning possible. The manufacturers develop this technology to react differently to different types of waves hence making it very easy to clean.

Enables caress and toddlers to waste water

When the touchless faucets were introduced, any proximal wave activated the flow of water. The faucets were not designed to differentiate between an adult and a toddler or a caress. This led to wastage of a lot of water since toddlers and caress may see it as a toy and play with it each and every time.

This problem has however been solved since manufacturers introduced timers in the faucets thus making them go off after a set period of time. This has helped a lot in making sure that there is no wastage of water in households which have caress and children and hence proving the myth wrong.

Dangers of shock due to electricity

For a long time, people have thought that these touchless faucets pose a danger of shocking people since the system depends on electricity. Consequently, people refrain from purchasing these touchless faucets because of that myth. Apparently, there is very minimal danger of one getting shocked.

This is so because faucets are not connected to the main electricity supply line. However, they use Direct Current due to the presence of batteries and hence the total voltage output is usually less than 10 volts. This voltage is very low and cannot shock you. The faucets are also built using pipes that do not conduct electricity thus even increasing safety.

Poor quality of touchless faucets

This myth came about as a result of the flooding of manufacturers in the touchless faucets field. The number of companies involved in this was too many thus leading to an increase in the number of products that were of inferior quality.

This leaves the choice of which brand to consider to you, the buyer. You should consider brands that are reputable and have existed for many years since they have more experience in this field. There are many brands that are known for good quality touchless kitchen faucets hence the ability to choose should not be a problem.

The touchless kitchen faucet is an invention that has had a huge impact in the plumbing field. It has made it easier to make work done and also reduce the transmission of bacteria since there is no point where you will touch the tap. The many advantages however also come accompanied with some cons if one is not careful and frequent checks aren’t made.

This invention nonetheless is a big step towards revolutionizing the world since it has completely changed the face of the plumbing field. In a few words, it promotes high levels of hygiene and is very easy to use. In case you are considering purchasing one, I would highly recommend it. Trust me, there is nothing as satisfying as making your life easy.

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