The nightlife of many cities in the world marks a destination that gradually becomes a favorite for tourists. Since many tourists even choose certain tourist destinations not only for their characteristic places but also for the nightlife; It is the latter that makes them an emblematic place to have fun, relax and leave behind those inhibitions of everyday life.

If you want to know what are the 8 nightclubs to visit in Los Angeles, don't forget to read our article today. In this city that stays awake 24 hours you will find numerous night bars and discos that work day by day without rest. There, in addition to having dances, drinks, rumbas, parties, you may also meet some famous film and television celebrity who lives in this wonderful city.

Los Angeles nightclubs

The main clubs in the city stand out for their quality in music, drinks, shows, entertainment and beautiful people. You can also easily find Los Angeles escorts there. We present below the 8 most famous discos:


- Disco with live music featuring great artists of sound and music.
- The DJs are quite known all over the world.
- It offers different rooms for dancing, which are characterized by having an important mix of musical genres.
- It has a restaurant in case you want to enjoy lush dishes.
- It also offers a great hotel if you want to stay.

Create Nightclub

- It is one of the 10 nightclubs to visit in the largest Angels, as it has the capacity to hold 1500 people.
- It has large dance platforms with a very powerful sound system.
- Its VIP room is preferred by different artists of the show.

Viper room

- It is recognized because its owner and founder was a film actor like Johnny Deep.
- Destined to rock stars for their music and atmosphere.
- Musical performances always bring a surprise with a live show in addition to famous performances.

Lure Nightclub

- It is one of the most emblematic discos for its elegance and sophistication.
- Focused on housing prestigious people from the artistic and money media.
- Its light show is one of his main attractions.
- Music includes choreography and dancing all night.

- Here you will find the best music to dance all night.
- It has different environments, each with a DJ that will play for the guests.

Sevilla Long Beach Club

- Inside the place you will find the newest music of the moment, they even present music that has not been heard before,
- It is a fairly modern place set for young people who are not inhibited at all.
- It has open areas for when you want to distract yourself from the hustle and bustle of the moment.
- They serve the best cocktails in the city.

Playhouse Nightclub

- It is located in the heart of Hollywood.
- Presents international DJs.
- Its shows consist of dancers, trapeze artists, acrobats and many more surprises.
- Its music is quite alternative and also varied and modern.

Lexington Social House

- The design that represents such a prestigious nightclub is its majestic contemporary art, along the night site there are wonderful works that delight its visitors.
- It has outdoor spaces and different environments.
- The DJs are specialists in music of the moment.
- Electronic music is not missing daily in this disco.

Los Angeles nightlife is not only based on enjoyment in the prestigious nightclubs that we mentioned before but also include cocktail bars, concert halls, live shows and many other things you can do.

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