Many business owners rely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to brand their business. Besides such famous social media tools, you can include Pinterest in your social media marketing campaign.

The number of Pinterest users has been constantly increasing every year. This social media channel has witnessed a gradual growth of around 26% in the last year. Currently, this social media platform holds 335 million active users.

Social media experts say the social media tool a visual search engine and provide a unique platform to connect with more friends and influencers.

In this article, the social media marketers in our healthcare marketing agency have explained the Pinterest Marketing Tips that add value to your business's marketing actions.

Begin with Pinterest for Business
Similar to Instagram business account, you can get a business account on Pinterest. Creating a business account for Pinterest delivers the full marketing potential to the user with its additional features like-
Rich pins - This is a kind of organic pin loaded with context like price, stock and conveys extra information to the users. The rich pins can be identified with the information present above and below the image.

Exclusive tools - Pinterest delivers an array of tools, especially for business accounts. The important ones to mention are Pinterest Newsletter, Pin it Button, Promoted Pins and Widget Builder.

Pinterest Analytics - The tracking tool offered by Pinterest and it helps to analyze your pin's performances. It aids in optimizing the type of contents you have posted and identify the strategies working for your branding works.

Tips to brand your business with Pinterest
1) Utilize Rich Pins
Rich Pins enjoy assured visibility and re-pins ratio. To put it simply, rich pins can get 82% more shares than other pins. Moreover, it renders its support in driving more traffic with the link present in the pins.

In general, there are different kinds of rich pins that support various contents like recipe, articles, app, etc.
Pinterest has designed rich pins with the intent of creating brand awareness. The code present in these pins pulls metadata in the website and display that extra context to the users. For instance, if you pin a product from your E-commerce store, the rich pins take care of automatically updating the product details like stock, price based on the data updated.

Moreover, the information present in the top and bottom of the image attracts pinners and offers a way to feature website name, logo for branding.

2) Create Captivating Contents
Pinterest can be defined as a visual search engine. Similar to Instagram, audience gives attention to the images than caption in this social media channel. So you should develop stunning images that grab the attention of the audience.

Here are some of the tips to design engaging visual contents for Pinterest:

• Pinterest images have the same width but have unlimited length. So you can create lengthy images. The optimal size to consider for Pinterest is 736 x 1102 pixels.

• Make sure your image is vertical imagery. As 85% of the Pinterest users come through smartphones, the image should display clearly on mobile devices too.

• Include a catchy headline that helps people to identify what they are seeing.

• Draft the description with the information you have conveyed in the pin interestingly.

3) Diversify your content strategy
Diversifying content is an important thing for social media marketing. The audience expects a variety of visual contents. If your contents are static, then the followers get bored and lose interest in your posts. Meanwhile, you cannot get new followers and make your branding actions remain neutral.

So you should maintain a content strategy that blends with various types of contents as seasonal, awareness, instructions and others relevant to your business sector along with branding contents.

4) Provide a link to your site
Pinterest allows the users to give a direct link to a web page in the description section. Unlike rich pins, the link is optional in "Simpler" pins. Digital marketers and Social Media Specialists recommend Pinterest users to provide a link while publishing pins.

This is because the user who gets attracted to the content you have shared on your pins would like to know more about you. Link placed in the description will direct them to your website and reach you quickly.

5) Create a new board for your blog posts
Take your "Article" rich pins and post them in a new board created especially for your blog posts. Then place the board on top of the page. It will help the pinners and followers to find your articles and reach your blog. It eventually supports your SEO actions.

6) Indulge in Keyword Research
You should apply a part of your SEO actions in Pinterest marketing. As mentioned earlier, Pinterest can be defined as a visual search engine. So should indulge in actions to make the pins discovered by the audience.

The simple thing you should is collect the relevant keywords using Google Keyword Planner Tool and integrate the keywords in title and description.

Tip: Make sure the keywords appear naturally. If the keywords look inflicted, the audience will feel it as spam.

7) Put the popular board on Top
After posting a bunch of pins at regular intervals for a few weeks or months, you can acquire many followers. In such cases, you can identify the well-performing boards with the number of views and clicks it got.

We suggest moving that board to the top of the page. This practice will help the new visitors to notice your best posts and lead to more conversion rates.

8) Enhance your pin's reachability
Whether you use Pinterest for personal use or branding actions, you should be aware of tricks that widen the pin's reachability.

Here are some of the tricks that ensure the reachability of your pins:
• Get the best time to Pin
• Use Chrome extensions or Wordpress Plugins like Pinterest Pin It Hover button to pin contents directly from your website. This helps pinners while applying for Rich Pins.
• Use a Call-to-Pin
• Connect to your other social media accounts using Pinterest Settings.

Apart from posting pins consistently and other default social media actions like following influencers, respond to the people who react to our posts, a social media marketer should do a multitude of customized actions for each social media channel for a successful social media marketing campaign.

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