Why should I stop drinking?

Alcohol use in the Washington DC area has been on the increase since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic.  Many people have sought help from alcohol treatment DC, but for those who have not been able to access, or have not been ready for, alcohol treatment DC, the are unfortunately many risks involved in them continuing to drink alcohol.


There are plenty of reasons to stop drinking.  If the instant results of drinking do not have you thinking once or twice before picking up a drink, then these 8 reasons will hopefully be enough to help you change your relationship with alcohol.

1. You can save money

Have you ever added up how much you spend on alcohol per week?  Now, multiply that number by 52.  Is it shocking?

When you drink alcohol, you lose your inhibitions.  Because of this, you drink more than you originally planned.  This often adds up very quickly.  It cuts into rent money and your monthly bills, and leads to financial stress.  Unfortunately, this stress often leads to more drinking.

Financially, the reasons to quit drinking alcohol are almost endless.  You can pay your bills on time and stay saving money.  If you are a particularly heavy drinking, the savings are likely to be large.  Because of this, you can reward yourself with a holiday or a new car.

2. You will feel better

People sometimes forget that alcohol is not good for your health.  Research might prove that one or two drinks are able to prevent some diseases, such as coronary heart disease, but binge drinking and long-term alcohol use are very dangerous.

When you begin drinking in excess, your body must work harder so that it can process the drug.  To metabolize alcohol, your liver must work harder.  Your brain then goes into overdrive in an attempt to keep your body in balance.

When you quit drinking alcohol, your body can start repairing itself.  As your body is not affected by toxins in alcohol any more, you will have the energy needed to focus on other things.  Your brain and body will finally be able to function in the ways that they are supposed to.

3. You won’t have any hangovers

No one like hangovers.  You get a headache, you become nauseous and feel drained.  You might even start wondering why you drank the entire bottle of wine.

Of all the reasons for you to quit drinking, this is one which is felt immediately.  Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling great, and having a productive day.  If it has been a long period of time since you felt like this, then it might be time to put down the alcohol.

4. No more guilt when drinking

Do loved ones query you about your drinking?  Do you children ask you to stop?  If this is the case, then it is natural that you feel guilty when you drink.  You know that you should stop.  And being free from the grip of alcohol can be both powerful and liberating.  If you struggle to stop by yourself, seeking treatment helps.

5. No constant apologizing

How many times have you gotten drunk and done something stupid?  Bumping into people, calling people names and being annoying.  If you stop drinking, you will no longer have to keep apologizing for this behavior.

6. Increased self-confidence

Quitting alcohol is challenging.  When you quit, you might find that you develop a new sense of self-confidence.  You are in control and not alcohol, and this is an empowering feeling.

7.  You gain optimism

When you stop drinking alcohol and gain self-worth and self-confidence, you also gain optimism.  Without alcohol to cloud your judgment, you are able to realize that life can be a positive experience.  Life brings happier experience, and this alone is a great reason to stop drinking.

8.  Your brain can heal

Because of alcohol abuse, your brain becomes overworked.  Your brain not only control your bodily functions, but it is also the thing which is responsible for the manner in which you respond to stimuli.  When you quit drinking alcohol, the brain does not have to work so hard so that the body can stay in balance.  Alcohol consumption can also damage areas of your brain, and when you stop drinking, the brain can finally begin to heal.

We hope this list of 8 reasons to quit drinking will help you to make a good decision about your alcohol habits in the future.  If you require help, google “Alcohol treatment DC”.

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