It is always said that every company needs a website. However, there is still nothing to find about a lot of small independents on the worldwide web. In the past, people did not need a website at all to run a business properly. Times have changed a lot in the meantime. Nowadays, the internet can no longer be ignored from the business world and a website is just as indispensable as a telephone or fax. It also offers great growth potential for every company.
Still not convinced to make a website for your company? Then quickly read the following reasons why an internet site is a real added value:

1. More credibility

People used to think that a company without a telephone or address was suspicious. Potential customers said it was not credible that in such a case it would be a real company. With the changing times, this is now also the case with a website. If your company has a website, you immediately gain professionalism and credibility. Customers will get confidence in what you do and therefore in what you sell. Moreover, a website is the ideal place to tell a compelling story to your (potential) customers.

2. Available 24/7

Day and night a website is available, unlike workers. People can search for your products or services when they like them and find all the necessary information. Thanks to a webshop, for example, people can even order what they want at night. All your customers have a different day plan and a website or webshop will also come in handy for them. Earning money when you sleep? Sounds good!

3. Discoverable on Google

Nowadays everyone just Googles when they look for a specific service or item. Google is our new best friend and we immediately grab it. If you have a website, you can be found on Google anyway if you search for the name of the company or the domain name. This will make you more likely to get new customers. Try to make your website score well in the Google search results for even more success. Therefore, be sure to do search engine optimization or SEO.

4. Customer service via the website

Strong customer service is one of the most important pillars for your company. One happy customer will provide even more satisfied customers. Word-of-mouth advertising remains the best publicity for any company. Customers often ask the same questions, where you can actually provide a ready-made answer. On your website it is possible to create a page with frequently asked questions to save yourself a lot of time.

5. A greater range

Everyone is online nowadays: you can reach a huge target group via the net. The internet is, as it were, and the new Yellow Pages is the best place to put your organization in the spotlight. Even people who do not live near your store or company can find it. From potential customers, you are only too happy to create new customers. You do this by radiating confidence and being easily accessible yourself.

6. Internet Marketing / SEO

With a website it is possible to reach a large target group. You can use marketing on a small scale, but it is also possible to use the rough resources. Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and newsletters you reach a lot of potential customers. Radiating confidence is the message here. You have to keep this in mind in all communication you send out. Marketing via the web called SEO is also less expensive than traditional alternatives. Coming on television or on the radio is outright unaffordable, while YouTube offers a free alternative for example.

7. A good first impression

A first impression is lasting and decisive. Thanks to a website you can boost the image of your company. Let your potential customers know what you're standing for on your website and create confidence. On a website you can highlight everything you are proud of and why customers should opt for your company.

8. Everything can be done for you

Are you not a specialist in creating websites or do you just want to lose time with them? That is very normal! And that is why marketing agencies are of course there. Only a reputed and proven marketing agency like JP360Solutions can build a beautiful, user & Google friendly website for you and also provide content in consultation with you. They are helping companies with findability; local, national and international. With an expert marketing agency, you can reach the audience, good conversions and high positions in Google; together with best results achieve. If you want, your marketing agency can write blog posts with you and the photographer can take great pictures..

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Misty Jhones