Pets are life for some people- - whether it is a cat or dog. People love to spend most of the day with their pets. The pets have a tendency to cherish the mood of their owners. They build such a relationship that will last for years to come.

Just by seeing them play around is a treat to your eye. Although dogs are qualified to be best pets, cats are also the sweethearts to some. But we’re going to focus on dogs today.
Let's check here why dogs are proven to be better pets than cats.

Adopting a dog is a fun task as they are available in many sizes:
Cats come usually in the same size which can be plain boring. But a four-legged furball has many varieties as they are just in every size. From a cute soft toy breed to a giant and fierce animal, dogs come in every shape and size.

Dogs are saviors in any danger situation
Dogs can easily predict for any unprepared danger. They can make you aware and safe at the same time. They can even predict the weather change and will warn you immediately out of that. The alerting tone may be observed when they circle around, paw you and even barks nonstop.

Dogs accept a better change
Cats are environment sticky. They don't like to adopt a new change. Dogs usually adopt a lifestyle change given by their owners. They act normal if their owner tends to act in a friendly way to the stranger. And cats, you know.

They push you to be active and have fun with them
Dogs are a huge fan of you playing with them. They will always want you to have a play with balls, disc, and have a tug of war with them. They often make you an active player. But on the other hand in the case of your furry cat, they are lazy enough to lie down and play with soft toys. And they are very choosey in their active hours. They are not much interactive as a dog can be.

Training is much easier for a dog then cats
Cats can be well trained too. But cat lovers themselves admit that training a dog is much easier than training a cat. Even the cats that love food are difficult to train as they are soon tired in their training session and walk their way away from it. Cats will make you nuts during the training session. On the other hand, dogs will prove to be the most cooperative creature. They enjoy training making it fun. There are a plethora of dog websites on the internet. Dogs are fond of delicious rewards and they will sit, shake their body, lie down flat and just wait to get paid for their training. Dogs need more exercise and mental stimulation that they acquire through training later on.

They cause less destruction:
Thinking to control your cat? Forget it they will control you either. Give a look and they will glance you better. They are not sorry and don't even bother if they cause any destruction.

But train your dog in a way to say no to destruction and they will surely never disappoint you. If they tend to cause any destruction, they will be the one to feel sorry and will melt your heart for that. One word of your "NO" it is like a signboard for dogs that this is wrong we should not do this. They care for your emotions.

Dogs are potentially strong
Although the cat plays a vital role in animal-assisted therapy, they do not play many roles in other things. Dogs helping people for centuries as drovers, herders and much more. Even today they work as full-time workers helping on farms, guiding blind people, assisting the handicapped person, helping and guiding police in rescue operations. Some dogs can even warn you of disease (like cancer) by sensing it at an early stage. They are just unexceptional workers that can even give their life in order to serve their owners.

For the love of animal whether it is a dog or cat is not a matter of consideration. They are just a stack of fur loaded together in one.

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Mary is a parent to many stray dogs as well as her three ducks. She loves blogging about pets on her personal blog dedicated to dogs, Dog Sumo. Apart from animals, her passion is curating content and spirituality.