Nowadays, most of the wealthy businessmen prefer to hire a pretty escort girl for their pleasure and there are lots of differences between an escort and a traditional prostitute.

People who go for escort service are generally more exclusive as compared to those looking for a prostitute. Escorts are not only used for sexual pleasure but even for various business promotional activities too.

If you have never encountered an girl in Paris then below are some relevant things that may surprise you.  

  • Escorts make serious money

Often people have a stereotype thinking that all these escorts are from a broken family who are financially very weak and forced into this profession.

On the contrary, you will find that few of them are very well educated and earning a very good amount of money in this profession and will never like to enter into mainstream life.

  • Escorts can be intelligent too

The common perception is that these escort girls are uneducated and engaged in this sexual service as they could not get any other employment. 

Quite a few of these escorts are university graduate and they have not entered into this profession out of any compulsion but love and enjoy what they are doing.

  • Rules for escorts may be different in a different country

Rules governing the escort service may vary from country to country based on the culture and social customs of the country. In certain countries, the escorts profession can be legal.

However, in certain other countries, it may be illegal to have sex with an escort.

  • Escorts may have secret lingo

As people generally look down this kind of profession and therefore the escorts are very careful about their identity. 

Often, they may use different lingo while publicly discussing with their agency in their phone, so that people may not really understand it.

  • Escorts are different from a prostitute

Often people tend to think that escorts are another version of a prostitute. However, escorts can be more glamorous as compared to any prostitute.

Prostitutes are usually meant for sex against money however escorts can provide much broader services and they will not be ready to do anything that you ask for.

  • The verification process will be very important

When you contact any escort agency then they will also try to verify your backgrounds and after checking all authenticated details about you, they will be ready to provide you their service.

So, don’t get surprised if the escort agency demands your passport number or driver license details. 

  • Escorts can be a real people

Remember these escorts are also a normal human being and they too have emotions and feelings like any real people. So, you need to treat them appropriately and do not try to rub them in the wrong way, otherwise, you can be blacklisted.

 In that case, no escort agency will like to entertain any request in the future.

  • Certain bedroom protocols 

Often both men and women may hire an escort due to different reasons - sometime it may not be sex but companionship. Therefore, there are few bedroom protocols that you must know before hiring them.

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