Do you want to start freelancing? Sleeping late or starting early and a nice hourly wage? What if you get paid in Cryptocurrencies?

You are certainly not the only one who doubts this trend. America currently has more than one million self-employed people and the expectation is that this will only continue. But not everyone is successful and earn a full-time salary.
Do you already feel stress? No worries, here are 8 tips for you at a glance!

Know what you can do!
Your own business starts with knowing what you have to offer and who can best help you. The questions are simple but the answer can sometimes be difficult. Why does a customer have to choose your services? Why you are different from your competitors? If you have the answer to this question, you can proceed to the next step.

Write a pitch
The recruitment of jobs usually takes place via Pitches. Can someone else tell you your story easily? Then you are much more likely to receive assignments. If you can tell in a few minutes (or less) in a clear way what you can do, you are way ahead of a large number of freelancers. You tell and post your pitch everywhere: social network; your website, Facebook, Instagram and of course on LinkedIn!

This way you have a good starting point, a clear goal and a reference book in one. You are also forced to look at the financial side of your company.

Sales, be specific
Your personal income will depend on your sales strategy. Create a sales funnel for yourself. How many hours do you have to work for the desired income? How many customers do you need for this? How many leads and potentials are on your list? Do not be afraid to dream big; but be realistic and actively work your (social) network.

You have a lot of freedom and are flexible as a freelancer.
That is also a pitfall. With your creativity and perseverance you have come a long way. But do not forget to keep your focus and work in a disciplined way. Without a good dose of discipline you will not be able to set up a successful business. Create a routine and try to manage your time as smartly as possible.

Accessibility after 5 hours?
Let potential customers know how and when they can best reach you. Nowadays remote work professional are always easily accessible. Do not forget that every company has an opening time and closing time; so you need to monitor your time. In the beginning it is fine to work on weekends, but do not forget to do some work now and then. This is precisely how you maintain creativity and focus.

Continue to train yourself
Subject areas change at lightning speed, so make sure you are always up-to-date with the latest developments in your field. If you like freedom and variety in your work and quickly pick up new topics, you certainly have what it takes to become a freelancer.

Learn to negotiate
As a freelancer you are free in what you want to earn yourself. Do you think it's too low? Then negotiate with the client or join some better platforms where you earn extra. There are freelancing websites where freelancers get paid in cryptocurrencies. One of the best example is FreelanceForCoins. This is a only network for freelancers and sales professionals where freelancers can publish offers, set bids, and get paid in 12 different cryptocurrencies. The platform works with only the most stable coins like BTC, ETH, XMR, BCH, and few more stable coins.

Freelancing is fun, exciting and offers you a lot of freedom, but be aware that sometimes it can not be easy. Your success depends on your own commitment and network. With hard work and continuous development, you come a long way.

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Misty Jhones