Have you had to make a presentation of your project and are you starting to feel the scenic fear? Perhaps you are a beginner in this experience of speaking in public or on the contrary you have already done it on more occasions, however, some affirm, the more times they do it, the more insecure they feel.

Like most things in this life, planning and preparation is the key.

Today we want to offer you some tips, which consist of actions to be carried out before the big day. In this way, when the time comes, you will feel confident and fully prepared and motivated to be a professional speaker.

8 tricks to achieve an excellent presentation

1- Transforms adrenaline into emotion
It is normal to feel altered and nervous before making a presentation in public, especially if that audience is unknown and you do not know how they can react to your speech. That is when fears, insecurities, and doubts begin to emerge. Will you like what I have to say? Am I worth it for this? The answer is yes, and one of the tricks to follow is to transform the adrenaline you feel into a positive and motivating emotion. Many people say that the repetition of a positive mantra during the previous days and on the day of exposure itself, helps them gain confidence.

2- Practice in front of the mirror alone or with your surroundings

It seems a topic, but it is very important to do it several times alone before taking the step of facing the final public. Usually, we tend to be our greatest critics, so if we practice our speech in front of the mirror, not only telling everything we have to say but also looking at the positions we adopt, the facial expressions we show, the way we move hands, what is known as body language, we can analyze our strengths and weaknesses, making the necessary modifications. Some also work with a trusted audience.

3- Adopt a comfortable body posture

If the body feels comfortable, the mind will be relaxed and fresh to remember everything we have to say, on the contrary, if we try to adopt forced and unnatural postures for us, we will begin to feel uncomfortable and our attention will no longer be focused on the subject.

4- Take deep breaths as soon as fear invades you

The mind is powerful, but it can also play tricks on us. Every time a negative phrase of the type crosses your mind, I will not be able or I will make a fool of yourself, let's stop everything we are doing to breathe deeply, inhaling air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Four or five times It will be enough.

5- Automotive, you are a professional

Self-motivation works, and sometimes repeating a phrase through a mantra is not enough. Think that the people who will attend your presentation have decided to come to see you because they are convinced that you can provide valuable information on a topic that interests them.

6- Hydrate with water and lemon

Surely we will all have seen that in all the presentations, the speakers have bottles of water on the table that in most cases they never use because this is a mistake. Hydration is the key to our body and mind to function properly and if you can add a little lemon to the water even better. It will be an added dose of vitamin C that also alkalizes and tones the vocal cords.

7- Show yourself accessible, smile

The expression of our face and body says a lot about us without having to open our mouths. Each one reacts differently to a state of nerves or anxiety, but with practice, we can achieve a relaxed posture and a smile on our lips. It is not about laughing out loud, but about showing an open attitude that encourages the public to participate, approach and chat.

8- Practice your look

When we find ourselves before a large audience, we may not know where to look and find ourselves lost. Usually, people in the front rows tend to intimidate us a lot, so a good trick is to look towards the end of the room, changing the look from one place to another. If, on the contrary, the public is small, it is important to look at people in their "security triangle" rather than in the eyes. The safety triangle is the space that is in the middle of the two eyes and the bridge of the nose.

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Imon is a freelance writer. Writing is his passion.