Anxiety. Stress. Fatigue. Burnout. Panic Attacks

These mental challenges are commonly seen among software engineers today. In the 2020 Stack Overflow Survey, 15% of participants said they are dealing with mood swings, anxiety, or other emotional disorders.

A software engineer is constantly juggling deadlines, coding, and feedback-like challenges. When they have to work in a remote environment, their challenges increase dramatically. That's why 90% of remote workers feel stressed out!

Thus, if you want your hired remote engineers to offer 100% productivity, you have to ensure they are mentally healthy. To do so, you have to follow proper guidelines to maintain the mental health of your hired remote developers. Here, you will know how you can maintain your remote programmers' mental health.

8 Tips to Improve your Remote Developers' Mental Health

Remote work culture is already very hard. And, now, this pandemic has made it even harder. Isolation and loneliness have influenced remote developers' performance pretty badly. Right now, if you are looking for remote developers for hire online, also check out for tips to improve their mental health:

Organize Mental Health Training Webinars

If your remote developers are suffering from anxiety, they can't give their 100% performance. So, you should start promoting mental well-being by encouraging your hired remote engineers to participate in mental health training sessions.

You can host mental health webinars in your organization so your remote and in-house engineers can participate in it. You can also motivate your remote teams to enroll in online mental health courses so they can learn how to better balance work and home life.

Smooth Communication Flow

It is essential to stay connected with remote engineers for a smooth workflow. As 19% of remote employees said that loneliness impacts their mental health the most. So, you should use digital communication tools to constantly stay in touch with your remote teams.

You should not only communicate work-related matters with your remote developers but also socialize too. Encourage friendly meetings between your in-house and remote developers, so they feel less lonely. For smooth communication, use tools like Slack, Zoom, etc.

Don't Push It

You definitely want your remote engineers to offer their best services, but don't push them beyond daily cognitive limits for that. Set realistic goals and deadlines for your remote workers.

For example, one developer can write codes for at least 2-3 hours a day without burning himself out. And, if you ask your remote developers to rewrite your entire program's code in 24 hours, it will put mental pressure on them. Thus, you and your hired remote engineers should mutually make daily roasters and set deadlines. This way, developers won't exhaust themselves, and you'll get your work done on time.

Work on Team-building Activities

You might have hired remote developers for your projects, but they are still part of your team. Thus, you should include your remote employees in team-building activities. With fun and entertaining team-building activities, you can foster a good relationship between your in-house and remote developers. Additionally, you can help your remote workers to deal with loneliness.

Encourage Them to Take Frequent Breaks

Professional remote developers may feel guilty if they log out when there's still work left, but you should any way encourage them to take a break. Especially when a developer is working for straight eight hours, he or she definitely desires a break. These long screen hours can negatively mental health and can drain productivity.

Therefore, ask your remote developers to maintain work and life balance by taking frequent breaks to stretch out, the wall around, or eat a healthy snack.

Regular Check-ins

When remote engineers have less communication with your team, they feel worried about their performance. Plus, non-timely feedback can create confusion in remote employees' minds. Therefore, you should assign a manager to frequently check in with your engineers to keep them in the loop.

Schedule weekly team check-ins to map out the coming week's plan of action. Also, ask remote workers how things are at their homes and how they are dealing with the pandemic. Preciously, encourage small talks during meetings to understand the mental state of your remotely working developer’s team.

Promote Physical Fitness

It doesn't whether engineers are working in the office or remotely; the majority of their time spends on their desk. For a straight eight hours shift, developers are sitting in one position. There's zero physical activity involved in a developer's job.

A recent Harvard study has shown that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces depression risk by 26%. So, you should encourage your developers to include any type of workout in their routine.

Flexible Working Hours

Remote engineers aren't your regular employees. They don't appreciate being bound to standard working hours. In fact, 90% of employees committed that flexible work arrangement boosts their morale. Plus, when you hired a professional remote engineer to do a job, they appreciate it if you give them some freedom.

If you allow developers to set their own schedule, they will feel less pressured. Eventually, they deliver the best results when they aren't stressed. In short, you should focus on the quality of work — it doesn't matter when and how it is done.

Where to Hire Remote Engineers with Strong Mindset?

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From regular meetings to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we constantly monitor the mental health of our developers. Once an engineer becomes a part of our family, it is our responsibility to ensure that he or she always stays motivated and engaged. If you are looking for remote developers for hire with a strong mental state, we can help you find them. Knock at our doors today and hire highly efficient remote developers within a click.

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