Small, I could not stand the car trips. "It's when we arrive" just sitting in the car, "Mom, I think I'm going to throw up," "I still want to pee!" ... and quite stressful for my parents. Whether for a simple trip or for a long journey, I found it long, boring, it was for me a ordeal to have to sit in the same position with a belt. Paradoxically, I also remember wonderful laughs, songs sung at the top of my tongue with my sister, moments of tenderness with my mom ...
Today is my Turn! Finally our turn! I dreaded traveling with our children. Our luck: the big 2 are pretty cool by car, they daydream looking out the window, read, play each other on their side or the games we offer them. The youngest, for now, is chewing on a toy or falling asleep by the car and the reassuring voices of her sister or brother.
Here are 8 key points to turn a car trip into a moment of sharing in peace.

1 - To travel with peace of mind, be sure to stay safe.
Driver safety, which must be rested before leaving, Consider the Limo Service to Logan Airport
Safety for your children, who must be permanently attached, for short or long journeys, in age-appropriate restraints.
Luggage tidy and organized so that in case of shock or sudden braking, nothing can come knocking your children or detaches in full swing on the highway child in car 4.
2 - Organize your trip and explain it to your children.
Leave at the right time. If possible, plan to leave at a time when your children are likely to sleep. It will always be a little time to win!
For a long journey, study your itinerary in advance (or of course think about your GPS), nothing is more stressful than having to look for the road with impatient and tired children!
3 - Plan breaks

Every two hours maximum and 15 minutes minimum. It is a safety rule for the driver, but it is also the maximum time that a child can bear, sitting in the same position Cohasset Ma Limo Service.
Privilege break places where everyone can let off steam and run at will. For infants, enjoy this moment for the change, the meal and cuddling and making it look snug in your arms.
4 - Organize your car
Provide a pillow and a blanket for each child so that he can fall asleep as comfortably as possible, and obviously cuddly, pacifiers or any reassuring objects.
Provide a "survival bag" to keep close to you all they could ask you during the trip: bottle / bottle of water, biscuits / cakes, tissues, vomit bag ...
5 - Avoid the heartache

Do not make your child travel with an empty stomach. Before leaving, give him a light meal, rich in slow sugar and low in fat. Avoid milk and too sweet drinks. Marthas Vineyard Limo Service
Watch the road. If your child is sick, have him go into a game. Ask him to look ahead for a few minutes, as if he was driving, have him simulate with a fake flying their driving.
6 - Plan to occupy them
Ask your child to prepare some toys for the trip (to avoid abuse, you can limit the amount to a small bag for example). You, who know them so well, help them in their choices. For Lou, soon 3 years, some little characters will occupy a good time, for Leo 7 years, books will suffice. For Lili, 7 months, a rattle and a serpentine are enough to occupy it between two naps.
Plan some paper, pencils (for scribbling or games with the older ones) and also some extra small toys / games that will bring some newness to your children during a long journey.
When possible, arrange small play stations with shelves on the front seats and some easily accessible toys Limo Service South Shore Ma
7 - Anticipate conflicts
In case of beginning of argument or bickering: ask them to take care of each side, with the toys they have planned for the trip.
8 - Plan wide!

Whether it's time, bottled water, breaks, diapers or tea towels, plan for more than you need. You are not sheltered from various unforeseen events: traffic jams, showers, snow, gastro-lightning etc ...
We hope these tips will help you ... as we approach the long summer journeys Book your Limo Service.
If you have some tips to share on your side ... do not hesitate Call us @ (781) 775-4744 to Book Your Limo!
Have a nice trip!!
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