Ever went outside and felt that the world is just so different nowadays? The air isn't as fresh, it's become too hot, and breathing a lot more challenging now than a few years ago. These are actually signs that humans haven't been taking good care of Mother Earth. As the planet sees one technological advancement after another, it also slowly deteriorates at the same time. Weather patterns get mixed up, the hole in the O-zone layer gets bigger, and the ice caps melt more and more each year. Soon, the world will no longer be as safe and as beautiful as it used to be.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which people can adapt to their lifestyles that are sustainable habits. One such that's becoming increasingly popular is riding an electric bike, more known as an E-bike. This machine helps you go from place to place without harming the earth as driving or riding a car or motorcycle. But how exactly does riding one benefit the Earth? Here are some ways.

They have Lower Carbon Footprints

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from a single entity. Almost everything has carbon footprints, from the smokiest of cars to even you yourself. However, the smaller your footprint is, the less you become harmful to the environment. The same goes for e-bikes. Since they run more on batteries and less (some even not at all) on fossil fuels, their carbon footprints are substantially less than those of other modes of transportation. It might even be argued that they emit less than the average human as well.

They don’t need Gasoline

E-bikes don't run on gasoline but rather on batteries powered by other elements such as lead and lithium. Gasoline, being made out of hydrocarbons, can be extremely harmful to the planet. And since most cars run on it, its negative effects have only doubled in the past few decades. At least, with e-bikes, you wouldn't need this detrimental fuel at all. You can easily refill or recharge your batteries to use your e-bike to travel from place to place, not emitting as much carbon into the atmosphere as ordinary cars do.

They Don’t Burn Fuel

Since e-bikes don't run on gasoline, they also don't burn fuel while you're riding it. The burning of fuel adds more carbon to the atmosphere, making it the air less breathable and lessening the amount of oxygen both humans and the environment need in order to live well and survive. But since fuel is burned through the gasoline-using cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles and types of machinery, the problem is only getting worse. E-bikes answer this, however, by not relying on gasoline at all, and in turn, they don't burn fuel in the process.

They Don’t Spread Carbon Monoxide

Now that the relations of gasoline, burning of fuel, and the spreading of carbon are established, it's also noteworthy to highlight carbon monoxide. The smoke that you see emanating from cars are actually carbon monoxide a toxic gas that comparatively more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. It's arguably the most spread out air pollution in the world due to the commonality of car usage among most countries. However, if one place has more e-bike riders than car owners, it's more likely to have less carbon monoxide as these sustainable bikes don't emit this dangerous gas.

You Emit Less Carbon Dioxide when Using Them

Although humans' emittance of carbon dioxide to the environment is both normal and crucial, emitting too much of it at a time can also prove to be harmful to the environment. But when does this happen? Usually when you undergo strenuous physical activities where you have to exhale a lot in order to catch your breath. This is more common for those who ride traditional bikes and/or walk from place to place. But when you have the luxury of riding e-bikes, you emit less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and become helpful to the environment as well.

Their Batteries can be Recycled

Recycling is always an incredibly sustainable practice, e-bikes are some of the very few modes of transportation that make use of it. E-bikes run on batteries, usually filled with either lithium or lead, that is also rechargeable and refillable. When one doesn't need the battery for his/her own e-bike anymore, but it's still good and usable, another rider can recycle the battery for his/her own vehicle. Unlike car engines, for when they become useless, there's no way of recycling them to put into good use.

Some can get Power through Solar Energy

E-bikes have become so environmentally-friendly that a number of manufacturers have even discovered that they can also run on solar energy—the most sustainable type of energy used for modern technology. It runs on the light emitted by the sun or any other light source and makes use of the energy into fuelling various electronics. Nowadays, some e-bikes contain small solar panels which make them usable without having to rely on lead (which can become harmful to the environment), lithium, and other sources of fuel that can ultimately be put to waste.

They need Less Maintenance

Unlike cars, which require big garaged to repair, e-bikes are less-inclined to damage that need further maintenance. This, in turn, makes them more environmentally-friendly as they don't require much energy for fixing and maintenance. In effect, no electricity, fuel, and other sources of energy that could have been used to protect the environment are put to the e-bikes. They're low-maintenance, easy to use, and some even rely on solar energy that's great for the environment. Even the people who'll work on them when they do need fixing and what-not, are not emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as e-bikes, and bikes in general, are easier to work on then full-blown cars.

Ride your way into a better and more livable world with e-bikes. Not only are they easier to use, but they’ll also ensure that your way of living doesn’t have any harmful effects on the environment.

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