Magento is the most popular ecommerce website development platform in the market. So, in a recent couple of years, there has been a significant development in it because of its open source and flexible environment. Where it also provides robust themes and extensions with the goal that it looks, feel, and functionality can be personalized according to the one's necessities. Therefore, Magento is one of the most secure platforms for open source eCommerce.
Below is the given list of the most important best practices, which you can incorporate in your stores to engaging better and sell more or serve faster way:

Keep your design clean
If your design isn’t attractive, then it doesn't matter how great your product pricing is and how amazing your products are is. So, when they say attractive design, it does not mean with lots of colors. It means one that is least intrusive to the visitor and lets them browse and shop with minimum interference.

Improved Usability
An ecommerce store which loads fast and is easy to navigate performs, much better than their competition because; a great ecommerce experience starts with a quick page load time of your ecommerce store. Therefore, the usability of your ecommerce website is a bit tricky to understand as it includes everything from the site navigation, how customers find the products, to how the order is placed.

Below is the given example of how site usability can be used to drive conversions:

• Product Recommendations – This feature help to know the products complement of which the customer is currently viewing, and has previously purchased or added to the shopping cart. Their algorithm also offers suggestions that customers may not know they needed or possibly even existed.
• 1-click Ordering – 1-click ordering allows the user to save credit card details to their account, and help in making future purchases comfortable.

Personalized Outreach
Personalization helps to make your customer feel special’ by making the conversation personal and relevant. So, the concept of personalization works around the varied interest exhibited by shoppers, in their past interaction with your brand by identifying the necessary parameters, segmenting the customers based on those parameters and then targeting them is the key. Advanced personalization tools and techniques help to customize every aspect of a customer journey to the brand’s offering.

Checkout Process
Magento website development helps to ensure that your customers don’t abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process because most of the time, shopping carts are abandon due to the complicated checkout process, which affects user experience and discourages overall sales of stores. Therefore, you can avoid this situation by creating a simple, quick and intuitive checkout process for your customer. So, make sure your checkout page contains only necessary components like personal information, delivery options, accepting multiple payment options along with some security badges to boot sales.

Site Search
Site search is an efficient customer engagement strategy as it helps to engage the customers more than, other leading strategies. So, to start integrating, customer reviews with social media platforms as it enables easy uploading and moreover help to show off all your impressive 5-star rating and reviews.

Live Chat
As per the recent survey, it shows that the user mainly prefers live chat as a customer service channel because the list of FAQs may not satisfy the customers where live chat allow them to get the exact answers about products, stores, ranges, fulfillment, payment, etc. Henceforth, there are plenty of options to comfort the shopper by chat through text or live video.

Offer Free Shipping
Shipping is one of the most essential parts of all the online stores, which also helps to give a significant impact on sales. So, no matter what you are selling’ always give your potential customers a free shipping option, whenever they purchase from your site. A free shipping option can help to encourage more customers, which in turn, increase your sales and gives you an edge over your competitor’s websites. In fact, most of the customers add more items to their shopping carts, when they see the free shipping option is available.

Multiple Payment Options

You should always give your customers a safe, secure, user-friendly shopping experience where you can do this providing multiple payment options. Therefore, instead of offering one payment option, you can provide various payment options such as PayPal and credit card to make it comfortable for your e-store customers. Hence, every country has its specific checkout options, so if you want to sell globally than you need to provide multiple payments options by making use of best Magento extensions.

So, for wrapping up Magento is a platform, which helps in developing highly interactive ecommerce stores. Therefore, all you need to do is to make your Magento ecommerce development more accessible, user-friendly, and interactive.

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