Importing products from China is one of the best ways to start a business if you barely have money to start. And Aliexpress is the ideal website to find all kinds of products for your new venture. And you have a chance many things to buy on Aliexpress. But is it possible to lower costs even more when buying on this platform? The answer is yes, and in this guest article will teach you 8 ways to get it.

1. Look for the same product at another seller

AliExpress sellers are not just manufacturers, they are also merchants who buy merchandise in factories and resell it on AliExpress. They do not make the final price as expensive as an importer in your country, but it is still a rise in the price that is always good to avoid. This means that the same product is usually in dozens of different vendors, at completely different prices.
So if you like a specific product you only have to inquire a little to find other sellers that have it cheaper.

2. Stay within buyer's protection

The first tip is quite obvious, but it is never wrong to remember: if you buy from a seller outside the AliExpress platform, you are giving up their protection.

In other words, if the seller proposes that you pay outside of AliExpress in exchange for a discount, then you cannot resort to AliExpress to intervene if the product does not arrive.

Also, remember that you should never mark the order as finished before receiving it, because that's where all your chances of resorting end.

3. Avoid large products

If you order a Segway on AliExpress you have all the numbers to be intercepted in customs. Not surprisingly, the most successful products on AliExpress are clothing, home accessories and technological products of small dimensions (cellphones, USBs, chargers).

Of course this does not mean that some products are still considerably cheaper in China despite having customs surcharges. Another issue is the guarantee, but we'll talk about that another time.

4. Buy in your local currency (or not)

Currency conversion in AliExpress does not fit the real value of the currency and therefore a buyer from Latin America can sometimes find it cheaper to buy the same product in dollars than in their local currency.

However, it is not advisable to do this practice if you are not 100% sure that:

Your bank does not charge you a fee for making a payment in a foreign currency and the product is exactly what you want and you will not have to return it.

This second point is a consequence of the fact that if you decide to return the product, the value of the currency may have changed in the time it took you to receive it, so that the shot would come out through the stock.

5. Use coupons and discounts from the seller

Although many people do not know, most AliExpress sellers have coupons or discounts, although they are not always applicable to the price of the product that interests us.

You can check if a specific seller has coupons and discounts by clicking on the Items on sale tab of any store. If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on PC, you can use the AliExpress Coupon Finder extension, which automatically checks which coupons and discounts can be applied to each product, in addition to other features.

6. "Grow" coins

The AliExpress app (eye, it is not on PC) has a little game called “Coins and coupons” in which you can earn coins that in turn are exchanged for coupons or for items (although these are spent quite quickly).

The purpose of this game is that you enter the AliExpress app very often, so the more consecutive days you enter the more coins you earn.

The chances of you getting something free with this system are low, but if you are willing you can get discounts that are then complemented by those found by the extension.

7. Pray for a freebie to touch you

If getting a free product using coins is complicated, getting it through freebies is even more complicated.
Basically they are sellers who raffle products instead of adding them to favorites, although they tell the bad languages that these raffles always end up in the hands of the Russians.

To give you an idea, right now two raffles are € 163 and there are already 117,749 people signed up for the raffle.

But hey, someone has to touch him, right?

8. Follow the leading brands

Finally, you take a look from time to time to the leading brands: AliExpress always has a discounted brand and that you can find featured at the top of the page. It is a promotion aimed primarily at making Chinese brands known, so it is much more likely that you will find a Xiaomi than a Nike, although Western brands such as the Italian Fila have also been there.

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Cristina Herrera has a BA in Journalism. And she is an Independent Journalist. Her passion in life is to write meaningful stories and help others through research and content. She truly believes that knowledge is power. So, she wants to share her experiences through content.