A site without content is not needed by anyone. This is an axiom with which to reckon. Hundreds of dollars spent on design and advertising, will never bring such a return as really interesting information for the reader.

Where to get it?
Options heap, choose the taste:

1. Copy-paste - this is stealing someone else's content and rewriting on its website. Since the advent of the Internet, information has been stealing and stealing heavily. Stealing can be gray - with reference to the source or dirty - without reference. Search engines such as Yandex and Google, have long been following the uniqueness of the site and do not like the dirty copy paste very much, and do not treat the gray one very well. You can shove a ban and really regret it. The easiest and worst option.

2. Rewriting - rewriting content with the replacement of words with synonyms, permutation of sentences and paragraphs. The option is cheap and angry. Great for satellites, but for more serious projects and narrower themes - not the best option. The reader immediately understands that he is being fooled. But for search engines and lazy SEO it's just a godsend. For rewriting purposes the rephrase tool is the better option to choose.

3. Translation from other languages - in fact it is the same rewriting, only more interesting. It's harder to blame you for plagiarism, because not everyone knows English, German or French. You adapt to the Russian user an interesting info.

4. Scanning of materials . Magazines, books, newspapers, in short all that is in print. But here it is necessary to check the absence of the network, not you one is so clever. Some write at the end of the articles of the real author, the title of the book, thereby you are observing copyrights.

5. All kinds of logs . This includes ICQ, forums, chats, comments.

6. Rewriting in the text form of songs and films . This is another way, but I do not like it. New songs quickly appear on other resources, and only the search engine can read the texts of the films.

7. Copywriting - rewriting texts from several sources, highlighting the most interesting and summarizing the information. There are a lot of services involved in copywriting, where the price ranges from 1 to 5 $ per 1000 characters. A good copywriter is a find for the optimizer. Good copywriters can be determined by the availability of personal pages, positive feedback.
But such unique content will pour out a pretty penny. Sometimes a good article with a run through the catalogs of articles will cost $ 50. But it's worth it. Spending the same money will drive you through the catalogs, but the TIC will not grow so much, compared to the reference in the thematic article.

8. Professionals. These are people who are engaged in favorite subjects, being its active participants. What they write then rewrite the whole world. If you have such people at your fingertips, or if you yourself are an ass, then take the "squeeze in the teeth" and you will not have problems with content and attendance.

How to check the uniqueness of the article?
For this you can use the plagiarism calculator. He scans any page and looks for similar pages on the Internet, excellent service.
The SEOToolsCentre’s plagiarism detector will be useful for the readers, it works online and checks two articles for the similarity in percentages.

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