Today the large companies are facing new challenges to develop connection with the advanced technology and increased competition. Challenges are increasing with huge number of customers, security concerns and high cost of personalizing correspondence. Services and content needs to be delivered across a large and growing number of operators; each with different viable terms, functionality and technical values for billing. There is a company called MOBIQUEST has developed a solution known as ‘mBILL’ “mobile bill presentment and payment solution” which is mainly targeted to the billing companies like Credit Card issuing Banks, Service providers and other utility companies.

‘mBILL’- an Innovative Mobile Solution enables the issuing banks to send any information to their customers mobile phone directly through SMS. Client will receive SMS and encode the information into a Barcode. The mBill client would allow card holder to remember the payment deadlines through alerts and would provide the last five payment records. Banks will be able to use this connectivity to provide promotional information to the users also. With this advanced technology now MOBIQUEST can serve better service to the Financial and Billing companies.

So mBILL is a great way of communicating to the customers in an innovative way where customers satisfaction is must. This is also easy to use process for generating new revenues. By using mBILL the companies can receive their payments faster and interestingly the processing fees are not high!

“MobiQuest is committed to helping customers find new ways to reach out and engage customers, resulting in a stronger, more loyal customer base and a future of steady growth.” Said Ashok Agrawal, Managing Director of MOBIQUEST.

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