You wanted to marry and build a happy marriage.
And you’ve been married for some time now.
It was bliss in the early days.
But as the marriage has progressed, you’ve become so busy building careers, taking care of the kids, and racking your brains to figure out how you can pay bills.
And you are growing apart as a result. You are not as intimate as you used to be.
One thing that can help you to feel close to each other again is saying sweet things to each other daily.
Here are some sweet things you can communicate to your spouse to help maintain the connection.

• Thank you for agreeing to marry me.
• Darling, I promise that I will be faithful until the sun freezes in the sky.
• I was really scared of getting married because of all the things I had heard about marriage. But you have made me feel so happy to be married.
• Marrying you was a dream come true.
• You know my favorite word in this world. YOU!
• Words cannot express appropriately how I feel about you. The words that come closest are, “You’re unbelievable!”
• I want this to continue for many more years.
• Sentence me to life by your side forever.
• Daughter of my father-in-law, your laughter lifts me higher like a lion in Zion.
• Love, please lease your heart to me for the next one thousand years.
• Call me anytime and I will be there for you.
• I don’t care what people say about me or think about me. It is only what you say about me and what you think about me that matters to me.
• I believe a part of me lives in you.
• You mean more to me than money means to a businessman.
• You are the true translation of genuineness in marriage.
• I am happy to be near to you at this moment.

• What is the true definition of marriage? You and Me!
• Honey, you are the epitome of kindness.
• You are a winner and I know I’ll never lose with you by my side.
• Red rose, your beauty is incredibly enchanting and you color this home with your brightness.
• Living gift, you are God’s precious gift to me and I will take special care of this gift.
• I feel so proud when I go out with you because, honestly, I don’t think any other person on earth compares to you.
• You are the best expert in giving pleasure.
• You know what, the way you treat me, that’s what I call true prosperity.
• Living with you is the best fairytale the world is yet to hear.
• The day we got married I started living happily ever after.
• Sugar, each day I spend with you is special because YOU ARE SPECIAL.
• If you were a recipe, I would cook you six times a day and still not feel bored to cook you again the next day.
• I trust you, perfect vanilla, and I will keep on trusting you forever.
• I love the way you communicate especially when we have differences. Keep it up, darling.

• I feel valued because of the way you speak to me and because of how you treat me.
• Deep down in my heart, I feel your love for me is really, really real, pure love.
• I don’t feel tired going on this long journey with you because you are such fun. I wish time would slow down so that this journey would never end.
• I appreciate the fact that you understand me.
• Darling, thank you that you forgive me when I hurt you. I will try and work on my weaknesses so that I can make you happier.
• I find strength to cope with life because you are hope itself.
• A mile away from home I see your beautiful smile.
• I don’t need to learn about love from anyone else because I am living with the word. You are living love, sweetheart.
• I accept all your flaws, pumpkin pie, and I know I would never have been happy if you did not have them.
• You look fabulous in those clothes.
• The way you look into my eyes, uuuh, it blows my mind away.
• It is the warmth of your love that keeps me comfortable on cold nights and not the heater.

• Your beauty is like snow, so pure.
• You’ve been a blessing to me.
• What more can I do to be a blessing to you?
• Thumbs up for loving me for who I am.
• I am who I am today because you encouraged my dreams. What can I say? You are wonderful.
• How do you feel, sweetie-pie?
• Some say nothing lasts in life but your love defies that saying.
• I will use every bit of my soul to make you happy.
• You’ve spun a love web around my heart and it is called, “You are mine forever.”
• Make a wish and I promise I will make it come true.
• You hold my heart and I hope you hold it firmly.
• I will keep making you happy forever.
• The sweetest thing I taste in this world is the connection I feel we have.
• Saying I am mad about you is a huge understatement.
• I feel you are the only other person on earth.
• The voice of your eyes is so deep and sweet.
• You are food for my soul.
• You are all I want. You’re all I’ve ever needed.
• Come over and kiss me.
• Your lips taste sweeter than the sweetest honey I’ve ever tasted.

• My sun, you brighten my spirit when I am mourning.
• You grow sweeter every day.
• I am grateful that you work so hard to make money to cater for us.
• I appreciate the fact that you support me with finances.
• I wish you were the air that I breathe.
• If you had been alcohol, I would never had minded being intoxicated every day.
• I am content with what I have. YOU.
• I hear the wind whisper your name to me in summer and it says, “I envy her warmth.”
• I won’t stop loving you until North America and South America breakup.
• When I hear you say the words “I love you” time stops.
• you are more wonderful than wonderful.
• I have never regretted marrying you.
• As the days go on I will multiply your joys and reduce your sorrows.
• You are my rock star.
• The words that fall down from the feast of your mind are incredibly thoughtful and sweet.
• My heart was a barren desert until you watered it with your love.
• Mrs. Wife I love eeewe!
• I always wanted to marry in spring, but with you I experience spring every day.
• A bolt of love-tning strikes me whenever I wake up and see you.

• Who are you? Are you really sure you are a daughter of Eve?
• Love is overflowing in my heart for you.
• Loving you is a desirable desire that I love feeding.
• Your touch feels like the summer breeze.
• There is only one song I love to sing and it is “You-are-magical.”
• Thanks, honey, thanks for choosing to marry me. Thanks for patiently enduring all my idiosyncrasies. Thanks for giving me kids. Thanks for being there for me in rough times. I can’t thank you enough.
• What more can I do to make this marriage work?

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