Follow these 8 fast earn viral marketing techniques using this marketing plan sample to earn money quick. It shows quick ways to make money by making your business viral.

Viral marketing is a technique that uses internets social networks to make you the center of attention in your niche. With viral marketing, your campaign can suddenly get a life of its own - and start to spread like a virus. Everyone wants to see it, and when they do, they all want to share it. That is IF it is done right.

1. If you are willing to expend the effort, you can become the center of attention in your niche. And not by selling something. Instead by becoming known as an expert in your field. The selling part comes later. Your key words play a huge part in going viral. Spend sufficient time researching this starting with google keyword tool.

2.Once the viral effect starts, you want to assure you are positioned for highest perceived value. That requires researching your competition. Then, do something different - something unexpected. Provide high content with massive benefits.

3.Marketing is all about a good story. And, viral marketing is 100% about emotions. The trick is to create a story that generates strong emotion. Forget neutral, trying to please everyone. There is nothing viral in that. What caused you to become passionate about your business? What makes you credible? Tell how it happened.

4.You may have created a unique, powerful product that delivers massive benefits, but without developing a relationship with your prospect, your product will sit on the shelf. Clever viral marketing plans take advantage of common human motivations. Develop this.

5.Viral marketers understand the value in giveaways because they practice delayed gratification. They know they may not profit today, or tomorrow, but if they can generate a groundswell of interest from something free, they know they will profit "soon and for the rest of their lives.” Free is the most powerful word in a viral marketers vocabulary.

6. Time to kick in your plan. Plan it out top to bottom: how you are going to generate traffic and move that traffic into your funnel. There are different paths for those that opt in and those that do not, if they do not opt in, will you give another giveaway? Who is going to write your sales letter and put it into a web page? Build the steps that will end with their credit card in hand. Picture it, then build it.

7.The most creative viral marketing plans use others resources to get the word out. There are 2 kinds of affiliates. The active ones go direct to their list. But do not forget the value in passive affiliates. They can reap huge benefits, too. Start with your product info on their thank you page. Pay to advertise in their newsletters.

8. Sharing is what viral marketing is all about. Somebody sees something so cool, they have to share it with others. Everything you do to make that easier is going to improve your campaign.

Now, go spread that great virus of yours…

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