Stress is a common and normal part of all of our lives, and according to scientific research, it is also necessary for the body to function normally. When humans are confronted with emotional or physical events that are deemed threatening in some way, the reaction the body experiences as a way to cope with the event is known as stress.

With the busy, fast-paced lives that most people lead today, it is no wonder stress is one of the most difficult aspects that one must cope with. Use the following simple tips to find ways of combating stress and tension and feel the rewards of a more relaxing existence.

Think First

If people would just stop and take the time to evaluate a stressful situation before reacting unfavorably, they will find out that there is usually a better, healthier way to react. Stress can be greatly reduced if you are able to see other possibilities or sides of a situation, such as finding a humorous angle. Studies have proven that having a sense of humor and trying to find the good aspects of life rather than focusing on the negative will not only reduce stress, but make us happier and healthier in general.

Be Informed

Many people react to a stressful event before they even know all of the facts of the situation. Be completely informed before allowing stress to take over and control your reaction.

Keep Work at Work

It is no secret that personal and professional lives rarely mix. If one brings their stressful problems home they are only tarnishing the one place that is supposed to bring relief from the stressors of the job in the first place. Learn how to keep work at work, and alternately, leave your personal problems where they belong, at home.

Enjoy Yourself

Simply taking up a relaxing hobby can significantly lower levels of stress, tension and anxiety. Play a game or attend a favorite sporting event, learn how to play a musical instrument, or sing your favorite song as you take a peaceful walk and feel the tension begin to dissipate.

Take a Break

If you feel that you are under a great amount of stress and your body is beginning to feel the adverse affects, take a short break from whatever it is you are doing and simply count to ten. Take a few deep breaths, stretch your arms and legs to keep the blood circulating and then resume your work.

Slow Down

People who often rush around tend to be considerably more stressed than their slower-moving peers. By walking and even talking slower you may be able to reduce your impatience which will in turn minimize the stress you feel.

Stay in Control

We often feel stress as the result of feeling out of control for some reason. Take control of your environment as much as possible and allow yourself plenty of time to relax and regroup between appointments or meetings. Create a list of priorities and stick to it, moving on to the next task only when you have completed the first.

Retrain Yourself

It is possible to train oneself to learn how to properly react to stressors or emotionally trying events. There are several techniques that are found to be effective in reducing stress such as listening to music, walking, meditation, yoga and exercise. Or simply find a quiet place to sit or lie down and gather your thoughts.

With just a bit of practice anyone can learn how to naturally reduce their reaction to the common stressors of everyday life.

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