Most people today are actually sabotaging their body’s ability to maintain an ideal weight. The following is an 8 step plan that when implemented will result in more energy as well as weight loss.

  • Take responsibility and understand what you are eating. Do not wait for the government to determine if something is good for you. Only you are responsible for what you put in your body.
  • Read the ingredients lists of all processed or packaged foods. The ingredients list is the real facts of what is in your food.
  • Buy your foods for what IS in them, as opposed to what IS NOT in them. When you buy foods based on the quality ingredients that are in them as opposed to what is not in them (sugar free, fat free, calorie free) you will always have better health. Read the ingredients list of your foods. Focus on incorporating quality food ingredients into your family's diet.
  • Avoid chemicals. When purchasing your foods, look for only recognizable real food ingredients. Chemicals have no nutritive value and create addictive type cravings of foods. Buy foods with only real food ingredients.
  • Avoid excitotoxins. Excitotoxins are a group of food additives which include MSG, dough conditioners and some non-nutritive sweeteners. Other excitotoxins include many natural and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. These are the worst of the chemical additives in our foods.
  • Do exercises every where you go. Most people can not or do not consistently set aside time to go to the gym. “Do Anywhere” exercises are more effective because they can be practiced for the rest of your life along with your daily activities. You have heard this before I am sure; take the steps, park farther away, etc. It really works.
  • Take good vitamins. Even people who eat lots of good fruits and veggies are not meeting the body’s nutritional needs due to processing and other issues. Vitamin technology has changed a lot since vitamins were invented in the 1930’s. Pill vitamins are not effective. Only bio-available vitamins provide your body with adequate nutrition. Bioavailable Vitamins
  • The single most important thing for life long good health, losing weight and generating energy is to drink plenty of plain water.

    These simple steps will make a huge impact on your energy levels and the ability to maintain an ideal weight. Natural systems that nurture your body and create energy are the only way to lose weight. Start making small changes today and gradually create more energy in your life through daily choices.

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    Deb Bixler, Lifestyle coach, is the leading expert in Healthy Living Skills. She is a self proclaimed food geek who studies the art, science and skill of eating well. Deb has an associates degree in hotel/restaurant management and is a trained chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. With a 30 year career in the food-wellness field, she teaches fun-fast-healthy cooking and diet programs; so families can spend more quality time at the dinner table eating good-for-you foods and enjoying life at it‘s fullest! Diet Programs That Work