Summer is in full swing, and the beaches are full of beautiful people that flaunt their body in a swimsuit that you always dreamed of. But don't worry! There is still time to join their ranks with some quick ways to shape up that summer body.

Trimming that waistline is not always that easy. So why not try these steps to get rid of that excess weight?

1. Cut and Spread.
It's like preparing your favorite sandwich. Try cutting your meal size and spreading them throughout the day. Stop eating 3 large full meals and consume 6 small meals every 3 to 4 hours. Having an erratic eating schedule is also a bad way of teaching your body the proper time cycle of burning calories.

2. Live by the bay?
People who eat more seafood, especially fish and shrimp, consume fewer calories and slim down more easily than beef, pork and chicken eaters. Cut down on these high calorie steaks and stock more frozen shrimp and tuna to go with your healthy salad. Salmon steak is also a pleasant substitute.

3. Get saucy instead of creamy.
Hola! The North American diet is mostly mixed with cream or mayo and cheese, which are great sources of fat and cholesterol. Try eating a saucy diet for a week, put yourself on the scale and see the difference. So what's the best substitute? Well, think of salsas rich in juicy tomatoes. A spoonful of topping on your toast, baked potatoes, salmon or tenderloin steak will make you go a la Cancun with that beach body of yours.

4. Vegan snack?
We are accustomed to chips and salted items in a plastic bag. When you open that bag for a snack, you are closing a lot of opportunities for your cells to recharge. Salts dehydrate the body, so why not slice carrots and celery into sticks and pop them in your mouth like your good old potato chips? Parsles, lettuce and fruits in a salad are also a unique afternoon delight.

5. Ain't no diet pop.
Diet pops are not good for your diet. Aspartame and other sweeteners are really bad for your body. According to the American Diabetic Association, a study they conducted showed that diet pops increase the risk of being overweight by 65 percent.

6. Skip some lanes in the grocery.
Bring a list of things to buy when hitting the racks. Stick to your budget and avoid impulse buying. It is not only economizing but also de-fattening. You may also skip some lanes when you go to the grocery with a full stomach.

7. Sleep in paradise.
Sleeping prevents your body from producing stress hormones. It also charges up the cells in your body because this is the only time physical activity is low, which gives more time for the body to repair itself. Research from the Laval University in Quebec shows that those who sleep 7 to 8 hours per night are leaner than those who sleep shorter periods. Your digestive system slows down during sleep, which could mean that having less of it may affect your appetite.

8. The Heat Factor.
We all love cold cuts and salads. But, actually, warm food is very healthy. Hot soups for example are satisfying because of their aroma. Warm food has a stronger smell because its hot molecules randomly move around and easily go into your nose. The aroma of the food has a psychological effect on people, making them think they are fuller than they really are.

Make the most of the rest of your summer by slimming down a bit and looking great in your hot weather gear. Plus, these tips are perfect to continue your quest for a slimmer body year-round. Good luck!

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