Verbal communication is used in countless ways whether for a meeting, or talking to someone 1-on-1, having the correct verbal skills are a valuable source. It is so important that the tone, volume, pace of your voice, is colorful and joyful to keep the listeners interested to what is being said, weather it be a subject the listeners find of interest or NOT.

How often have you wondered:

•What shall I say?
•What’s the ‘right’ thing to say?
•Have I said too little?
•Did I say too much?
•If only I’d said that!

Improve your verbal communication with 8 tips

1.Remember, it’s good to talk

2.Be really interested in the people you are talking to

3.Give sincere compliments

4.Speak less than you listen

5.Be positive have something nice or encouraging to say

6.Make only constructive criticism

7.Make sure you understand what is said before replying

8.Ask questions – why, what, how and when – for example “What do you think?” is better than “What I think”

Whether you have the gift, or you’re the strong silent type, do remember this it’s good to talk. Your actual words might only play a small part in the impact you make, there are plenty of other factors involved so don’t miss the opportunity to talk, use them verbal skills.

Make your impact heard however small or large.

Author's Bio:
Over the past 20 years Richard has become a legend on the international speaking circuit. The Richard Denny Group is recognised at the forefront of business training, selling, leadership and management, customer care and business growth.