Lately, my new coaching clients have been asking me how they can improve communication at work with their employees. They want to know what they can say and do to improve communication with their employees and ease their minds about keeping their jobs and improving sales. What can they say to get feedback so they can improve their leadership so their employees have peace of mind? How can they help their employees have the courage to ask for what they want without fear in this economy? In order to attract what we want in our businesses, first we need to realize what it is we don’t want.

Using the questions that I have provided here to communicate with their employees my coaching clients have increased their sales. The increases in sales numbers are between 18%-36% in the last quarter of this year. And the numbers are increasing as each leader is working on their strengths and weaknesses. And yes, they are increases their sales in this economy. And so can you!

Here are 8 ways to use the Law of Attraction to effectively communicate with your employees.

1.Ask your employees if you are an effective communicator.
2.In what ways am I effective in communicating with people on the team?
3.Do I listen well when others speak?
4.Am I perceived as caring or uncaring? (Or you could just say how am I perceived?)
5.What things am I doing right that you would like me to continue doing?
6.When I improve as your boss, your job gets easier and therefore more secure. I need your honesty - how can we improve the team so that we have an edge in this market and people continue to use our services and buy or products?
7.Are there some things that I do that are perceived as rude or abrupt that I may be unaware of?
8.I know this takes courage for you to answer but I am going to ask anyways. What can I do better?

I guarantee this will change the tone in your business. Your client satisfaction will go up and your employees will feel more secure in their positions. Once you determine what you don’t want in your business you will attract and manifest more of what you do want. Your employees will feel more of a sense of security because they will have some input and that will increase your output. Those who will thrive in this economy are the ones who make changes and improve communication and service. Do you need to have an open and honest conversation with your employees? Are you ready to hear the truth and to make some changes?

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