Ask about yourself honestly. Does it ever occur to you that my life is just like that, no passion, no change, and no difference? Does it ever occur to you that it is about time to change before you are incapable of? Is it just the right time to start a new life before it is too late? Why don’t you give yourself a chance to change it?

Every time when it comes to my mind, I would think it over and over about what to do and how to do? Writing a blog just pumped up, excellent! Of course, I am not so good at writing like a professional writer, pop fiction author, opinion columnists, and journalists, etc. No one said you should be and no one would ask you to. Just be yourself and be genuine to write about what is in your heart and the passion that drives you the most in your life. Share something like your hobby, your handicraft and positive things to help yourself and those who read your blog.

Consider this to be a space specially created by you. You own this place. A world with no losses and gains is a simple pure and clean world. Maybe it is the first time you have the opportunity to give birth to something and have 100% control and hold on to it.

Because you have a choice,

Because you love what you do,

Because you love what you choose.

Even though you would have difficulties,

Even though you would have tears,

Even though you would be up and down.

You cherish and you are grateful for what you have,

At last,

You would have your happiness back.

You would feel alive again.

Your readers would have happiness as well and respond it back to you,

More and more people have happiness.

You would be amazed at what you gain.

Below are the benefits and advantages that you would gain from writing your blog so that you can improve your life and make you a well-rounded individual.

The Internal Part:

1. Writing a Blog can Help You Think
From the material you would like to write about, you need to concretize abstract ideas or something hard to understand and put many dots of your comprehension together in a logic way. This type of writing process is beneficial to develop your thinking and creativity abilities.

2. Writing a Blog can Make You More focused and Recover Memories
Writing down your point of view requires focused attention, the collection of your memories and knowledge, the organization of your thoughts and discoveries. After analysis and transformation, you will be able to see things from a distance and put them into perspective in a fairly and reasonable way. Proper practice and reinforcement can make your work better and smart.

3. Writing a Blog can Clear Your Thoughts and Mind
Practice makes perfect. Even though you are lack of writing and describing things in the beginning. Even though it is just fantasy. As more and more articles are generated, you would find it easier to do a good job. It will help you clear your thoughts and express yourself, your ideas and feelings better. That makes a mutual communication more fluently. Unlike just talking with no deeper thinking and digging, you would have a distinct blueprint and picture of what is in your mind to get your point across.

4. Writing a Blog can Make You Learn More And Make Better Decision
Writing a blog requires deeper studies and translate the information in your own words. It makes you feel insufficient and craves for knowledge. It also pushes you to learn more and expand your vocabulary.

In addition, going through the process of paper enhances your ability and improves your decision quality and accuracy.

5. Writing a Blog can Contribute to Mental Health and Make You Feel Good
Write good things like how to achieve your goals or how you make your decision is a great thing to share your experience and to celebrate. Or write your negative feeling or special events that influence you a lot would comfort you. The whole writing tasks and sharing with others would heal the emotional wounds of your heart and help you find peace. Take a freshman as an example, he just enters society and has struggled with the transition from college. By describing what is in his mind and what bothers him, responses from others might help him find the solution so as to reduce his depression and anxiety. He would overcome tough moments faster. He would feel like he has accomplished something

6. Writing a Blog can Improve Your Physical Health
A sound mind is in a sound body as the proverb says. The internal part of you is health and sound so as to lead to a health and sound body. Furthermore, less depression, anxiety, and stress can help you improve the immune system and have better performances. After a period of time, you would have more confidence and deal with things more easily. The outcomes are obvious with no doubt.

The External Part:

1. Writing a Blog can Build Your Authority and Credibility in Your Field
Simply making your blog online can demonstrate your character and personality. You can easily stand out among those who do not have done it. This is a great marketing channel and one of the effective ways to make your brand. It gives you a platform to provide consistent communication to express you yourself. Also, you can use your blog as a medium to show your unique work such as photographers and artists and get feedback about your work from your readers. As long as you build up your authority, trust and fans, the reward would come naturally. You can earn more exposure and even have side income.

2. Writing a Blog Costs low and Saves Time
Creating a website is easy to achieve and costs low. Besides, it’s a great time-saver for promoting your ideas and your work to people. You do not have to be at a certain place and wait for your customers to come. Neither do you rent space to put your piece of work with people walking around aimlessly. You can interact with your readers whenever and wherever by news updates, emails or comments about your articles. Even more, you’ll be able to offer your service and prove your credibility at any time. That makes your work more efficient and time-saving.

3. Writing a Blog can Gather Your Fans and Become Your Great Support
Writing a Blog and maintaining an active social media is quite important for bloggers to gather your fans. You provide useful and practical method or solution to help your readers. They read your articles and learn something or get comfort from it to improve their lives and help them make progress. Naturally, they would thank you and support you in return and increase the growth of your blog and business. That makes a good circle.

Above all, there are numerous ways to benefit you from writing a blog, even if you are just a starter. All of these would improve your mental and physical health and lead you to a more complete person and increased feeling of well-being.

Get Started to write a blog. Set up an account and publish your first post.

You would never know, maybe you will publish your book and will be a popular writer someday.

Author's Bio: 

Hello and welcome to my personal balance of life blog & read my article!

My name is Madolyn.

I would like to keep track of my progress so as to help me understand the deep inside me and to improve the balance of life. Besides, I have great passion and enthusiasm to share and hopefully to help readers improve their balance of life along the way.

Sincerely, hope you all enjoy yourselves and get what you want.