We believe everyone has at least one spirit guide whose main role is to encourage you to make the most appropriate choices in order to learn, grow and accomplish the goals you incarnated for this time.

But sometimes when life isn’t going well, it may seem like you’re severely lacking in spiritual assistance. Why didn’t your guides help you avoid a that terrible situation? Couldn’t they have warned you about that person who you had no idea was a secret enemy? Is it possible that your guide took a leave of absence? Might they be upset with you for something you did?

Rest assured, we and many other experts have found that while some guides may come and go according to your needs, you always have at least one watching over you. They realize how difficult life on Earth can be and they have nothing but unconditional love for you.

Spirit guides cannot help you completely skip the not so pleasant events or people in your life that are important for your growth. However, the more you ask for help through prayer or meditation, the more you’ll become aware of their gentle support through dreams, signs, gut feelings, and your intuition.

If you’re feeling like you should be receiving more spiritual guidance, the actual problem may be that your spiritual connection is weak or clouded. Due to the often hectic lifestyle required in order to survive on this planet, it’s fairly easy to lose touch with the help that is available to you from the other side.

What Can Cause You to feel Spiritually Disconnected

1) Drug use or alcohol abuse
2) Excessive stress or anger
3) Negative people
4) Consistently ignoring your intuition
5) Poor diet such as excessive sugar, caffeine, processed foods or not enough quality protein
6) Lack of sleep, exercise, or meditation
7) Lack of enjoyment or fun
8) Dabbling in black magic
9) Spirit attachment or possession

Act Like a Guide To Connect With Your Guides

Stephen recently asked in meditation how he can strengthen his connection to his guides and they pointed out to him a situation from earlier that day with a friend who had been rude. He was considering writing an angry e-mail to the friend in response, but his guides reminded him that if he wants to be more in touch with them and their guidance, it would help to act like them. A higher level guide would not take it personally or respond with anger, but would consider why the person behaved as they did and then respond wisely, or at least like a rational adult.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Some experts recommend contacting your spirit guide through meditation. For beginners, we recommend being very careful with this. There are too many negative or lesser evolved spiritual and dark entities roaming around who could mislead you or worse and it’s not always easy to spot the impostors on the other side. Just because an entity isn’t in a physical body doesn’t mean they’re all knowing or even benevolent.

Instead, we advise regular meditation while envisioning white Light for protection in order to become centered, aware, and in touch with your higher self, which will also enhance your intuition. Later, after you have more experience meditating and practice protecting yourself spiritually, you can ask your spirit guide “of the Light” to help you perceive more about them or to assist you with something specific.


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