9 Content Marketing Strategies for 2019

Are you going to stick to the good old content marketing tricks in 2019, too? Of course not! Content marketing trends change. In addition, the needs of the online audience are ever-evolving.

Mario Ronson, an author from a Collegessaywriter.com service, explains: “Content marketing has evolved to a great extent. We went far from keyword-stuffed content to really useful content that delivers solutions. The evolution doesn’t stop there.”

The most important trends will help you develop your content marketing strategy for 2019. We’ll list 9 that every content marketer should be aware of:

The Return of the Avatar

Facebook Spaces is a virtual reality app that enables people to create avatars and interact with immersive content.

What does this mean for content marketers? They can start developing a new kind of content, based on virtual reality. They can take their audience directly into the company’s events and properties. They can invite people to join a day in the office and really feel like they are there.

Voice Search

Did you know that 58% of consumers have used this technology to find info about local businesses over the past 12 months? Those numbers are only going higher.

Neil Conard, part of the marketing team from a service that offers Essay On Time, shares this experience: “Six months since we started optimizing for voice search by using long-tail keywords and questions in our content, we saw a 34% increase in traffic at our website. That’s a huge improvement.”

Greater Transparency

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal that occurred in early 2018 is still too fresh. Online users require transparency on how their data is being used. All brands need to improve their privacy protection policies. Content marketers, on the other hand, are responsible for promoting those changes for the purpose of branding.

Customer Persona Targeting

We can get important insights from the B2B Content Marketing 2019 report from Content Marketing Institute.

Content marketers agreed that well-researched personas could help them create more targeted content. However, only 42% of the surveyed content marketers were actually trying to understand their customers’ needs by talking to them. We’ll have to see improvements in that trend during 2019.

Email Marketing and Educational Content

The same report showed that 87% of B2B content marketers primarily used email, and 77% mainly used educational content to reach out to their audience. These are one of those evergreen trends that will keep going strong.

360-Degree Photos

Facebook continues to offer immersive experiences. With a 360-degree cover photo, you have much more space to convey the spirit of your brand.


Currently, there are over 630K podcasts. 44% of the population in the USA has listened to a podcast.

This is an interesting type of content that can expand the limits of your content marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Will Get More Meaningful

The audience is getting tired of shallow promotions that brands have obviously paid for. They no longer trust influencers the way they used to. That’s why the influencers will have to start offering actionable knowledge and more authentic stories.

Instead of aiming for quantity, you’ll need to go for depth in your collaborations with influencers.

Instagram TV

IGTV went live in 2018, and it instantly got people’s attention. People get to see live videos that are vertical, so they are perfect to be seen on phones. They can get up to an hour long, so you get tons of space to engage your audience.

Alexandra Brady, part of the marketing team at the Rushmyessay, gives a few suggestions on how to use it: “You could invite your audience for Q&A sessions. That’s the most obvious way to use IGTV for marketing. However, you can also offer educational content in the form of a webinar. You can broadcast moments from the office or fun interviews with influencers.”

Are You Ready for 2019?

Of course, you are! You already have few ideas on how to plan your content marketing campaign. But of course, you’ll stay flexible to accept new trends as they show up.

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Joe McLean is a content marketing expert for write-my-essay-for-me.com and UK Careers Booster. The experience with these two writing services made him realize how important content is for the online world. Through his blog posts, Joe likes to share tips from the inside.