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As soon as the next holiday is just around the corner, it suddenly means: We have to lose weight very quickly. And to make sure it works, we give you the best tips and tricks here.

Lose weight fast with the right diet

In addition to exercise, one thing is probably even more important if you want to lose weight quickly: nutrition. And it's not about eating very little, it's about eating the right things. To put your plan into action, you should start by eliminating sugar, alcohol (yes, you read that right!), and convenience foods from your diet. Instead, a lot of fruit, vegetables and satiating fibre should be on the daily menu.

Proteins keep you full for a long time and do not cause insulin levels to rise as quickly as carbohydrates do. And that, in turn prevents food cravings. In addition, protein is important so that the body does not have to fall back on the fat reserves from the muscles. Because our muscles are crucial for burning fat and thus act as real fat killers.

In addition to complex carbohydrates and proteins, you should also make sure that you eat enough fats. But be careful: fat is not just fat. Avoid saturated fats and instead rely on unsaturated fatty acids found in fish (salmon, herring), nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

In a healthy diet, about 50 to 60 percent of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 15 to 20 percent from protein, and 25 to 30 percent from healthy fats.

9 weight loss tips that are easy to implement

Tip 1: More physical effort

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should always take every opportunity to exercise - especially if you have an office job. This applies, for example, to the way to work. Ask yourself whether you really have to take the train or the car, or whether you can also get to your destination by bike. The same applies to the use of elevators or escalators. It is better to use your legs, as this will burn you significantly more calories. In concrete terms: your body burns around 18 kilocalories per minute when walking up and down stairs. Any movement becomes a fat killer!

Tip 2: Chewing gum as a stress reliever

Do you often have food cravings? Then it helps to always have sugar-free chewing gum ready. Instead of snacking on chocolate and gummy bears on the computer, chewing gum often helps to satisfy the urge to chew. Because often it's not about filling the stomach. However, make sure that you do not chew gum all the time, as this can lead to headaches over time. If you are actually hungry, you should also switch to healthy snacks such as nuts or apples. There are even more tips against cravings here!

Tip 3: Fire up your metabolism

In addition to intensive training, the right spices can also ensure that the metabolism is boosted. Chilli, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper or ginger not only give your dishes the necessary taste but are also natural fat killers and promote fat burning. It's a healthy way to lose some extra kilos. Here are 6 healthy tips to help you lose weight.

Tip 4: Mustard instead of butter

Butter accounts for 75 kilocalories per 10 grams. This is reason enough to look for suitable, low-calorie alternatives as a sandwich topping. Not only olive oil and avocado cream are healthier, but also mustard. The latter has the advantage of being particularly low in calories (12 kilocalories per ten grams) and boosting the metabolism. Well then, get it!

Tip 5: Hungry or thirsty?

If you have a constant appetite, you shouldn't give in to it all the time. Hunger is often confused with thirst. So try it first with a glass of water and see if the feeling of satiety sets in after drinking. This is often the solution to an afternoon craving. If that's not the case, you can treat yourself to some healthy snacks.

Tip 6: Whole grain instead of white flour with meals

Whole grain is ALWAYS the better alternative to white flour for figure and health. Why it is like that? Because whole grain products have a much smaller impact on the blood sugar level: This means that it only rises slowly after consumption and falls just as slowly. The result: food cravings are reduced. In addition, wholemeal flour contains significantly more vitamins, fiber (which is also found in flaxseed, by the way) and minerals.

Tip 7: Sleep 30 minutes longer

Sleep is also a real fat killer! But many people sleep too little - and as a result have cravings the next day. If you plan to sleep just 30 minutes more a day, you will soon feel a positive effect on your body. After all, those who sleep between seven and nine hours a night ensure that digestion is stimulated and muscles are built up. And these, in turn, are the furnaces of your body. The more you have, the greater your energy turnover, even when you are at rest.

Tip 8: Rely on coconuts

The coconut has rightly conquered the name super food because the fat killer can help you lose weight faster. Anyone who eats coconuts gives the body a lot of nutrients and at the same time only uses a few calories. Coconut water is a great thirst quencher in summer. Eating coconut oil revs up your metabolism and melts belly fat. A spoonful of the oil before a meal is said to curb appetite.

To Conclude,

A number of lightning diets nowadays promise us to lose weight in hasty actions. Kilo by kilo should disappear with the respective crash diet - and in the shortest possible time. But can that really work? It all depends on the efforts, the right efforts. Eat the right food and do proper workouts.

Here's a bonus to end the article- 6 ways to get the most out of your workouts.

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