You cannot expect to have colorful valentines without flowers and cards. They complement chocolates and other gifts that people exchange. Valentine's day flower business booms a few days to the day. Below are some ten flowers you can send with greeting cards.

Red Roses

How else can one celebrate a happy Valentine's day without a large bouquet of red roses? We understand sometimes you may be on a tight string budget. But that does not mean you cannot sacrifice that day to surprise your spouse. Get the largest bouquet you can afford. You can use a delivery service or take it to her by yourself. Her reaction will awe you since the red rose got the magic.

Valentine Wreath

Do you want to go out of the ordinary? You can deliver a wreath instead of a rose bouquet. Instead of roses, you can use a mix of other colors such as red geranium and bright red hydrangea. You can also add pothos and sage ivy.

Red Lion Amaryllis

Do you want to send her some romantic and thoughtful flowers this Valentine's day? Then you should select the red lion amaryllis. Accompany it with a befitting greetings card.

Love Pup

You can also send the pup to deliver the love message. No, it's not the live pup but a white carnations pup. You can attach the greetings card to the basket and let the pup deliver it for you.

Assorted Roses with Vase and Greetings Card

You love roses. She loves roses- We all love roses. Well, except for a few. But not everyone loves them res. In such a case, you can send her some assorted roses with a vase. She can use them long after Valentine's day is over. Also, add a greetings card that they can use as a keepsake.

Flower Balloons

When you are taking flowers to her, you can show the world that you are romantic. Tie her favorite flowers on balloons. You can write your Valentine's message on the balloons or a greetings card.

White and Orange Roses

While on roses, you can send it to your friend. Thus, you need to avoid red and pink roses. White and orange roses are the perfect choices for a dear friend.

Pink Orchids

If you do not like the classic roses, you can select another flower with a romantic meaning. You'll never lack orchids on the list or romantic flowers. Thus, a pink orchid is a perfect selection for a happy Valentine's day.

Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are gentle and cute in their bulblike shape. Send your Valentine's wishes with a bouquet of colorful tulips.

Romantic Lilies

Do you want to give her some outstanding and eye-catching flowers? Then send her a mix of white, red, and pink lilies. You'll not regret your choice of Valentine's day flowers.


The flowers above will give you and your spouse a happy Valentines day. Send them with a thoughtful greetings card. But do not forget to add a box of chocolate.

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