1)Cheat days:-

Very important but do not go overboard. I do 3 to 4 cheat meals a week. If you want a veg puff, Have one. Cake? A slice.Cheese pizza?Max one or two and preferably thin crust.

Remember. Our Indian homemade foods are not junk. one plate veg upma is filling more than two slices of pizza and in my view, tastier:)


Ghee, Almonds and other nuts are great sources of good fats. Have it but again even healthy foods eat in moderation and not gorge just coz it’s healthy.


Best oils are sesame, coconut, olive oil, and other cold-pressed oils. Do not use olive oil to cook. It is best for salads.

Use Himalayan salts or rock salts.

5)Art of eating:-

Chew your food well and then swallow.
Sit down and eat. I mean literally!
Good for knee, digestion


Weight loss will not work if you do not get quality sleep. You do not need to sleep for long hours but quality, deep sleep. Close all
The gadgets for one hour, connect with yourself and sleep.Morning,your bowels will be regular, your skin less puffy and you will feel good.

7)Last meal:-

Avoid rotis at night. Hard to digest fats. Eat rice and dal and keep dinner light. Light in sense, mild easy to digest foods.Not soups and salads. Eat early and give three hours of time before sleep.

8) Fruits:-

Eat it on an empty stomach. Try to avoid it at night especially after a meal. If you have a sweet tooth, try dates or little jaggery. Avoid fruit platters. Eat fruits in moderation.there are also high carb/low carb fruits. Do this in accordance with high and low carb days preferably.

9) fried foods:-

Make it at home in fresh oil and eat in moderation. Never resume that oil again

The above is the basic solid foundation for good health and body. Even without workouts, follow the above and shake up the weight loss plateau. However, for a toned body, another dreaded enemy..” workouts”:) That enemy is your secret bestie guys...

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The author is interested in diet plan and healthy lifestyle.