With plethora of courses in French language available online, it becomes confusing for the candidates to understand which the best is and what distinguishes a particular one from the rest of the pack? We are presenting 9 important features an online French language course must have:

Does the course provide practice in speaking?

The first & foremost thing to find whether the program motivates learners to repeat French words and phrases out loud - so that one can easily engage in real conversation with friends, relatives, clients, boss and so on.

Does the course offer personalized training?

Every learner is different when it comes to learning. A French language course in Kolkata can be called the best if it adapts to the learning behaviors of a student. The lessons should be delivered in such a way that it boosts the rate of acquisition in learners and help them better retain what they've learned. Personalization can also mean the learning platform presents a range of different kinds of learning exercises.

What the course covers?

The course should encompass all the latest learning modules in PDF and lectures delivered through video and audio format including syntax rules, pronunciation, and vocabulary in French language. It should start everything from scratch to help the beginners.

Is the audio clear and recorded by native speakers?

It is important to find out an audio experience that facilitates a learner to pick up on the intonation of a language and gives them the chance to practice their accent alongside that of a local speaker. It should also provide training in the phonetics for each word or phrase and allows them to listen the accent spoken at a pace suitable for conversation as well as a slower pace!

Is the content of the course can be utilized for practical purposes?

A learner need not visit Paris in order to learn French language. A good language course online will deliver chapters and lessons on the core areas of the language, with vocabulary and structures one can actually utilize in those contexts.

Are there instructors available for guidance?

It is important to know whether the French language course in Kolkata taken online are led by trainers and instructors or not. For better delivery of the lessons and clarification of doubts, it is essential to have instructors.

Do the course train based on French language?

A good online program will help students to learn more effectively through comparing and contrasting the English and French language structures. This direct training mode gives learner's perspective into the communicational patterns that frequently come up in natural conversations.

Are there webinars & seminars?

Besides the usual lectures in French language, it is important to find out whether the course organizes webinars for students to get insights & discussions of experts in various topics of study.

Are the fees justified?

Online courses are less expensive and easily affordable. This makes them popular among learners. Find out whether the course fee compliments the study materials, tutors, and other features available to give learners a good value of their money.

To sum up, e-learning offers a unique learning experience. Students can enhance their core French linguistic skills by participating in online forums, read better books online. A French language course in Kolkata taken online can help them become more enterprising with Twitter chats, and by attending social media conferences to become proficient in speaking, reading and writing skills. Students can acquire confidence and get equipped for tomorrow by exploring, problem-solving and working independently, which can be achieved only in a personalized education environment led by instructors and trainers of an online format. It is all about finding the right course with the best features to tap the creativity and real potential of students.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on French language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.