Digital transformation is the order of the day in all sectors, but one of the most affected is the tourism sector. The way of traveling and tourists have changed, they no longer buy the same or behave the same, so we have to offer them different tourism marketing strategies adapted to their needs.

Have you ever done the marketing plan for a tourist services company? Have you heard of destination marketing? Marketing for tourism is not the same as marketing we would do for a hairdresser, you have to use different strategies.
In this post, we are going to see different tourism marketing strategies that you can carry out in your tourism marketing agency. Shall we start?

Although traditional tactics should not be neglected, digital marketing is the takeaway, and it works very well. Tourism has always been a very traditional sector, always based on close contact with the client. But digital does not mean impersonal. We are going to see a lot of tourism marketing strategies to make your client feel special.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Marketing Mobile or Mobile Marketing is very fashionable. The reason is very simple, the use of mobile phones is increasing more and more. Also, think that the mobile is the faithful travel companion of every tourist: photos, google maps, social networks.

Include Mobile Marketing in your strategy and take advantage of the moments of contact with your client. An SMS to remember a reservation, adapt display ads, responsive, or take advantage of geolocation to send information of interest about the place where you are.

Social Networks and Tourism

Social networks have become a fundamental element in the Digital Marketing strategy of a company. They have become the connection point between client and company, there they dump their complaints and positive comments and benefit you by promoting your brand for free.
But not all of them are valid for everything, think about which ones are indicated for your agency or business. Keep in mind that there are specialized social networks for tourism such as Trip Advisor or Google reviews.

A social media strategy for tourism can make a big difference. Create interesting content for your client (useful information about where to travel, how to travel, what to see ...), organize travel giveaways (they are very successful on Instagram), create relationships with them ... You can do many things if you know how to use them well.

The tourist client

Do you know why the tourism market segmentation is important? To define your type of customer. It is what in marketing we call Buyer Persona. The definition of your type of client: their demographics, tastes, hobbies, motivations, barriers.
Every strategy has to be designed for your Buyer Persona, so you will always be right and your chances of success will be greater.

Online reputation management

Online reputation in hotels, and tourism in general, greatly influences the consumer's purchase decision. We all look for reviews and ratings before we go to a restaurant or read reviews of the hotels we go to. That is why it is important to control what they say about us and to know how to solve it if necessary.

Tourism and new technologies

Being aware of new trends in tourism is key to making your company more competitive. We are in an era of constant change and innovation that allows us to improve and create higher quality products for our customers.

New technologies applied to tourism may be the key to a better service. How reservation processes are automated, applications to control the room, artificial intelligence, or even virtual reality to know what the hotel will be like before visiting it. Innovation in tourism opens up many possibilities in the tourist experience.

Tourism video marketing

There is nothing more visual than a video. And what better way to show the beauty of a place or the fun of an adventurous experience than with images. Including video strategies in your social networks and / or advertising will increase engagement and can make your content go viral.

Experience tourism

If there is something that sells in tourism, it is emotions. When we travel we look for unique tourist experiences, it doesn't matter if you want adventure, culture or relaxation.
Experiential marketing in tourism seeks to take advantage of the client's need for emotions, create unique experiences that last in the consumer's mind.

Content marketing for tourism

Have you ever heard that "content is king"? Well, it is a great truth. Creating quality content takes time and effort, but the payoff is huge. A content marketing strategy in the tourism sector can contribute a lot to the business and get leads or possible clients.

Email marketing in tourism

When we talk about email as a marketing strategy we think: "Ugh, SPAM." Big mistake. It is proven that email marketing is one of the most effective techniques, but it must be done well and included within the marketing strategy. It is not worth sending emails without rhyme or reason.

Email marketing in tourism gives you millions of opportunities to connect with tourists at key moments. Send him an email when he makes a reservation, a reminder days before, give him useful information about his trip ... As long as it fits your buyer persona and is of quality it will not be SPAM!

These digital marketing strategies in tourism that you can carry out. Develop a plan, analyze, measure, and correct. And remember that the key to the success of a strategy is to think about your customer.

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Imon is a freelance writer.