Stepping into the world of teaching as a novice is never easy. Even those who’re into teaching primary students can initially lack the confidence to deal with them but by possessing ideal qualities they can overcome it. In this article, we shall discuss 9 qualities that good primary teachers must possess to thrive in everyday tasks and challenges in modern classrooms.


It’s needless to say patience is a virtue, however, when working with small kids it's more like a necessity! Patience is one of the most vital facets of all. If they have it, they can explain the subject material with minimal effort, while others may need broader explanations that may have to be repeated a number of times. Undertaking a primary teacher training course would help aspirants and experienced educators to become more patient while teaching in the classroom and also understand why it is important to develop patience.

Compassion and caring disposition
Great teachers have the aura about them. They care about their students which yield respect from them. They contribute towards their success and are devoted to assisting them to accomplish their objectives. Furthermore, educators look after their students' happiness, health, and life outside the four walls of a classroom. The great teacher expresses their care for students and it is what distinguishes them from modest instructors.

Methodical approach
It’s never easy to teach and manage a large group of students in the classroom. Since a teacher at the primary level has to give attention to all, it’s vital for her/him to be systematic and disciplined. Planning lessons in advance and improvising can be the secret to success. Opting for a primary teacher training course is the best way to develop this quality or characteristic.

In this modern digital age, educators require to be adaptable and capable to modify or transform to overcome everyday teaching challenges that come on their way. Likewise, with constant changes in curriculum and up-gradation in learning standards, it’s vital for every primary educator to be flexible. Without it, well any professional can lag behind others and fail to get promoted.

Good sense of humor
A bit of sarcasm and light moments are essential when teaching young children. Having a grumpy face and excessive seriousness can put teachers out of favor and ruin all the hard work they’ve done in planning and preparing lessons beforehand.

Enthusiasm and zeal
In the dignified profession of primary teaching, there should be no room for complacency. It is their keenness to learn new things and willingness to improvise which are the keys to success. It is the positive vibe and energy that they impart to improve the progress and performance of children in the classroom.
There’s no other job that is as fulfilling as primary school teaching, and if one possesses these qualities in the classroom, then surely there’ll be no looking back.

Every instructor requires possessing confidence in order to inspire and motivate kids in the classroom as well as teach them in the best possible way for the best learning outcomes. A confident educator inspires learners to get confident in her/his abilities and do well in academics.

Improvisation or Innovation
A contemporary primary teacher is always interested to try new teaching methodologies and strategies, as well as the latest educational apps and electronic devices. They’re always willing to take risks in order to become more creative in their approach and develop an ingenious mindset.

Understanding technology
Technology is advancing at a fast rate and is having a profound impact on education both at the primary and secondary levels. Therefore, it’s clear that modern teachers at the primary level need to be well acquainted with technology to be influential in the classroom, stay updated with the latest digital tools, and know using them smartly.
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Before becoming a freelance website writer, Laxmon Gope worked as a primary teacher to young children for many years. These days she has embarked on private coaching since she had pursued a primary teacher training course, and now she takes a keen interest in online teaching programs.