Unfortunately, a large part of the global population suffers from stress, so doctors are frequently looking for simple ways to help patients. You will be shocked to know, around 450 million people globally suffer from depression and mental health disorders. This means people spend millions of dollars’ worth money on treatment. Today, if you look around and talk to anyone, they will tell you about a plethora of problems. In simple words, stress is a part of everyone’s lives. At times, it is useful, but most of the time, it can take a big toll on your mental and physical health. For example, stress can be a driving factor towards getting a promotion at work or a side effect of an emotional loss. Experts believe around 70% of people suffer from emotional and physical problems because of this issue. Here, in this feature, we will break down the 9 most common causes of stress and how to deal with them:

1. An Unhappy Job

There’s nothing more devastating than working in an unhappy environment. Keep in mind, most people append around 8 to 10 hours at work. So when they are not happy with their job, it is hard for them to stay active. Most people engage in stress, which is why they develop different health conditions. In severe cases, people often engage in anxiety disorders and depression. Because a corporate job is a major part of many people's lives, it is hard for them to stay vibrant at work if different factors disturb them. Secondly, even if you lose your job, the best way is to sit back, relax, and look for other options around. Losing your job is not the end of the world, which is why you must stay calm and maintain your cool.

2. Over Work

There is a certain limit beyond which every individual gets stressed out. However, every person has had their reasons for overworking. Some people overwork to earn more money, whereas many try to overwork in the pursuit of gaining promotions. Regardless of your case, working long hours and not resting enough is going to be damaging for your health. Try to achieve work-life balance by spending an adequate amount of time at home and the rest at work. If you continue to overlook plenty of sleep and time with your loved ones, it will be hard for you to stay active at work. Overwork has become a social norm and the need of the hour as well. With growing targets and frequent pressure by subordinates, employees have to work more than they actually can.

3. Divorce

Being in love is the most magical thing in this world; however, if your relationship has lost its charm, it will be hard for you both to gravitate towards success. This is the main reason why millions of couples divorce every year and part ways. However, the time spent together, the flashbacks of the beautiful memories, and several other factors can easily sabotage an individual's emotions. This is why people often engage in stress and depression. Losing someone with whom you’ve spent several years of your life is heartbreaking. However, once you overcome the anxieties, you will eventually come across someone new. Life is big, so it is important for you to give it a chance.

4. Increase in Financial Crunch

If you think you’re the only one going through the stress of a financial crunch, you need to know that there are millions of people around the globe who are suffering from the same situation. All of us suffer from a financial crunch at some point of time. Engaging in a financial crunch is tough because it entails a lot of stress. There are several reasons why people come across a financial calamity at any point of time in their lives. Some people can’t create a demarcation between necessities and luxuries, which is why it is hard for them to control their spending habits. Similarly, many people are only concerned about enjoying a top-notch lifestyle and not saving any money. In such situations, anyone can engage in a financial crunch. So if you are already going through such a stage in life, it is best to seek help from a financial expert.

5. Getting Married

Contrary to what you’ve read about divorce, getting married comes with a lot of stress when you aren’t even prepared for it. Although marriage is the most beautiful union on this planet, it comes with a big set of responsibilities. Many people see marriage as a financial obligation that will need frequent investment. However, the truth be told, marriage is nothing but the union of two people who are in love and want to share their lives. Secondly, when it comes to planning the wedding, millennials have a plethora of things in their mind. Traditionally, a simple wedding was regarded as the union of two people in a Church, but now, it is inclusive of engagement, family unions, pre-wedding party, pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding day, reception, post-wedding photo shoots, customized photoshoots, honeymoon, and a lot more. This is the main reason why the wedding has become such a stressful affair in today’s time.

6. Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are interrelated with each other, so while we discuss all the reasons for stress in this article, they all apply to all individuals when it comes to depression. For example, if you take stress on account of losing your job and fail to get over it, the result can be chronic depression. Keep in mind, one billion people globally suffer from depression, and the number of people engaging in it is exponentially increasing every day. So if you are already struggling with depression, now is the best time to get rid of it. Chronic depression will not only affect your mental health terribly but will also instigate you towards different health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, and a lot more. So it is best to get treated on time and visit a psychiatrist to get help.

7. Moving to a New Home

If you have finally bought your new home, this is one of the best decisions that you’ve taken. Not many people have the privilege of owning a property, which is why they have to depend on leased houses and rental accommodations. Shockingly, more than half of the world’s population lives on rent, which means fewer people own their accommodations. So when you decide on a new house, it comes with a lot of risks and challenges. Keep in mind, you will be indulging in a new locality or maybe a new culture. So it will be hard for you to adjust different changes quickly. Some people complain about insurance companies denying their claims when they decide to move to new homes. In such a situation, you must hire an insurance denial attorney to solve this issue. Not to forget, if this issue isn't solved within a certain time frame, it will cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

8. Obesity

Although there are many health conditions that cause stress to people out there, not being able to lose weight can easily engage an individual in a lot of stress. Obesity is a rampantly thriving issue, which has encapsulated the lives of around 2 billion people from across the globe. So it is best to get treated for it on time. Gone are the days when it was hard losing weight. Today, if exercise and a healthy diet plan don’t work for you, there is no harm in going under the knife. With surgical procedures, it is easy for people to get rid of the extra hanging skin around their tummies. Obesity is not good for health because it can give you a heart attack as well. It is because of this issue that millions of people lose their lives every year.

9. Traumatic Events

All of us go through a series of traumatic events in life. However, the extent of how much an individual engages in grief is different for every person. People go through several traumatic events in life, such as rape, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, guilt, and a lot more. So it is common for them to engage in stress frequently. Similarly when people lose their loved ones, it can take a big toll on their mental health. If you are going through any such situation, you need to understand that stress often comes from inside. There is no way this problem cannot be treated. Being unhappy and emotional is fine, but letting these things become an obstacle in your life can be very damaging. Every individual has a past, but you should never let your past become a problem for your present and the future. Don’t take your life for granted because you live once only. Unfortunately, many people give up on themselves every year that can be very damaging.

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