Did you ever notice, how when you cut a cabbage in half along its core, you often see the thick white stem in the center and the white arms radiating outward like a crab?

I find this very symbolic. I’ll tell you why. We all know the crab can move in any direction. And so can cancer, the dreaded disease which this humble cruciferous vegetable is reported to help fight against.

But before we jump onto the debate of whether cabbage can or cannot fight cancer, let us discuss what we know for sure are its health benefits…

The humble cabbage comes with a myriad of nutrients which your body needs: Calcium, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, sulphur, and magnesium. It is also a rich source of fiber. There are many types of cabbage, the most common being the red and green ones we see in the supermarket. The good thing is all of them deliver many health benefits.

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