Whether you have been married to someone for ten years or have been dating them for the last few weeks, your relationship will go through rough patches at different times. Keep in mind, a good relationship is built with respect, love, and is based on mutual understanding. So if you want your connection to be special, it is imperative for you to invest yourself in it. While there are millions of relationships across the globe, not even a single one is perfect. So if you are going through a rough patch, you need to know that you’re not alone in this. Millions of people globally witness highs and lows in their relationships. So if you want to improve yours. We’re lucky to have you here. In this feature, we will guide you through some valuable tips for improving your relationship. Read on to know more:

1. Ask Different Things From Your Partner
Keep in mind; communication is the key force that will gravitate your relationship towards success. It is always nice to know about how your partner’s day went. Although there is no reason to ask such mundane details, asking different questions can make a difference. However, you need to wait for the right time to ask different questions. You never know if your partner might arrive at home, pissed off, not willing to answer any question. So the best way is to enhance your conversation and be more specific about whatever you want to ask. If you incorporate this approach into your routine, it will be easy for you to engage in meaningful conversations with your partner. This means you will easily spend plenty of time with them and engage in healthy discussions.

2. Always Appreciate Your Partner
A relationship suffers from several issues when we start taking each other for granted; this happens when we stop appreciating our partner and begin to overlook every good part of our love life. Not to forget, being expressive is what every relationship demands. If you don’t express yourself and appreciate your partner for all the good things they bring in, it will be hard for you both to stay happy. In simple words, you don’t need to wait for your partner to bring a pack of roses at home. All you need to do is, say “ I love you and you mean the world to me,” to navigate your equation in the right direction. Acknowledgments can bring a great deal of positive energy in a love equation. Regardless of what it takes to express yourself, appreciation and acknowledgments should always be there.

3. Plan a Monthly Date
In today’s time, it is understandable about two people not having enough time for each other because of their work routines. However, if you continue to overlook spending time together, it will be hard for you both to retain the emotional connection. This is why you need to designate a monthly date with each other. Designate a few days out of the month and plan accordingly. For instance, if you both want to spend movie nights or have a romantic dinner together, it’s best to have fun. Regardless of what your intentions are, spicing up your relationship through these activities is nothing but a game-changer. After years of dating and marriage, it is common for the couple to lose interest in each other if they don’t invest themselves wholeheartedly.

4. Don’t Forget The Small things
Do you remember the first time your partner proposed to you? Or do you remember the first time you both went out for your first dinner? Even if you both are in a live-in relationship for years or married, acknowledging these small things is important. Apart from the yearly anniversary and birthdays, there are several other events that can be celebrated. For instance, if your partner wants to have a conversation about the first time you both were intimate, don’t shy away and always discuss the details. The fact that you'll easily respond to your partner on this topic will make a great deal to your love life. Acknowledging the small things and celebrating them with your loved one is a great way to add spark to your equation. Secondly, don’t panic if your loved one forgot about your first engagement anniversary. This is because it is common for people to forget about such events owing to the busy work schedules.

5. Make a Habit of Forgiving Each other
When two people hold strong to their egos, they end up hurting each other a lot. The easiest way to stay happy is to develop a habit of forgiving each other. Of course, we are not suggesting you forgive your partner if they’ve cheated on you, but there's no wisdom in getting repulsed from your partner just because they forgot to bring your favorite roses on Valentine's Day. Unless you both don’t adhere to forgiving each other on minor issues, it will be hard for this relationship to gravitate towards success. Let go of the minor mistakes and always talk things through. This means, instead of ignoring your partner and avoiding them throughout the week, you must talk to them about the problem. The moment you both begin to embrace this new habit in life, you will start having disagreements instead of fights.

6. Let Go of The past
How many people have you dated in the past? Are you willing to ask the same question to your partner? Do you think your partner’s past will jeopardize your relationship in any way? If both of you have a past, why not let it go? Keep in mind, all of us make mistakes in life, but we should never let them become an obstacle in our paths. Sometimes, a previous relationship is nothing but a learning experience. If both of you start digging deep into the crux of each other's past, it will be hard for both of you to move on. So the easiest way to have a healthy relationship is to stop hounding your partner's past. If you continue to ask them questions about their ex, it will only piss them off. Now that you both are dating each other, it is best to focus on one another and despise going back in history. Live the moments that you both have together instead of discussing your ex’s.

7. Show Your Affection
If you love your partner to the moon and back, you must show it. Just saying that you love them is not enough. There are millions of ways through which you both can show affection to one another. You don’t need to wait for their birthday or Valentine ’s Day to get them a present. Anyday can be made special when both of you are together. Express yourself in front of your partner and confess about your feelings. Sometimes, we are so lost in our lives that we forget to acknowledge each other. Even if your partner isn't good looking enough, you must always acknowledge when they dress up well. This way, they will be empowered and happy. Keep in mind, whatever you will be the valuable mist acknowledgement for them. So don’t confide your feelings to your heart; let them flow out.

8. Solve Each other’s Issues
Just because you both are strong individuals doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know about each other's problems. The ethos behind falling in love is to embrace the notion that you both should be there for each other in hard times. For instance, if your partner has been convicted of a criminal charge, you need to hire Los Angeles criminal lawyer to get them out of such a situation. Considering professional help in such a case will be the best option. Similarly, if your partner has been depressed about something for a long time, you must sit with them and talk about it. Even if your sweetheart is an introvert, they will eventually confess their problems at some point in time. As their partner, you need to master the art of knowing their problems and finding solutions.

9. Don’t Lose Yourself
Sometimes, we engage too much in a relationship that it becomes hard to focus on ourselves. Not to forget, individuality is a very important part of any relationship. Otherwise, one of you will eventually get hurt in the end. Giving space to each other and not intruding on each other's privacy is a good way to carry this relationship forward. Keep In mind, if you invest too much of yourself in this relationship, it will be hard for you to protect your individuality. If you both are working actively, despise accumulating your finances very often because you never know when a sudden financial calamity might befall on you. So it is best to put some funds aside so that you can help your partner if you both get stuck in a financial crunch. Always act wise and despise depending too much on your partner.

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