Becoming a fur parent is a very exciting experience. However, if you aren’t sure that you are ready for everything that entails becoming a pet owner, read on to find out exactly how you can get ready. From learning about the pet itself to learning about at-home pet care in your area this article has you covered!

Do your research on the type of pet you want

Thanks to the information superhighway, there are many different sources of information on the type of pet you are after. There are blogs, pages written by vets, and social media groups that love to share and trade information. Always double check your sources if your enquiries are of a medical nature.
You can learn so much from these sources. Of course, there are things that you will learn when you actually are a pet owner but being prepared is the best way to be! You can lean on these resources in the first few months you being a fur parent and likely after too!

Work out the amount of time per day your pet will require

Have a long hard think about your schedule and how you can fit in daily walks with your new pet, such as a dog. Can you be home to feed them at the same time every day? And is that a reasonable time? Are you going to be home often? If so then it’s a great time to have an animal in your house. And if you get a pet like a dog, they likely will need training school. Will you have time?

Are you willing to make sacrifices?

In theory, most people are aware that having a fur baby requires work and energy. But it is consistent work and effort. This can include sacrifices. Such as, waking up earlier to get a walk before work, going out in the rain and cold for some exercise even though it is best to stay inside. These are small sacrifices. However, some people would like to keep their sleep in and not go out in the wind and cold. If this is you, consider if a pet is right for you in the present time.

Is your house suitable for a puppy?

Do you have a residence that has space for an energetic puppy? If yes then you have space for most pets! Energetic animals require a good amount of space and access to fresh air. If you can guarantee this you are all set. If you have a smaller area such as an apartment then perhaps choose an animal that requires less space in your residence.

Can you arrange for care if you are away?

Most people travel at least once a year or more if they have a job that requires travel. If you do travel can you arrange for care for your potential pet? It is always best to have a few options so you can always ensure that your pet has care while you are away. A conversation with friends before you get a pet is a great way to make sure they will be open to help you if the need should ever arise. It also means that if you have friends that aren’t interested in helping you are aware, you can avoid any awkwardness by not having to ask later on when you have your fur baby.

You are open to learning new things

Your time as a pet owner means that you will be learning many new things. Especially in the first few months as a fur parent. You will need to see the world through your pet’s eyes. It is an emotional investment as well as financial.  If you are willing to put yourself in your pet’s position on a regular basis, then you are ready to be a pet owner.

You are willing to pick up the poop

This is an aspect that must be considered. Pets require cleaning up after on a regular basis. Whether it is cleaning a birdcage, kitty litter tray or picking up after your dog on their walk, it’s a regular job that must be done. If you are happy to do this then you are ready for the responsibilities of a pet!

You can afford yearly and incidental expenses

When you are researching your ideal pet, find out the average cost per year to keep your pet healthy. Find out how much roughly any emergency vet care usually is. Pets can run into all sorts of accidents that may require emergency visits to a vet. Also, make sure you look into pet insurance and determine if that’s the best way to go.

You know where your emergency vet is

Make sure you identify where your best options are for emergency attention for your potential pet. A mobile vet is a great option to keep in mind for all your emergency veterinary needs. If you aren’t sure Google at-home pet care to learn how a mobile home visit can be the most convenient for you in an emergency. Being prepared is key to staying calm and in control when you are a new pet owner.

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