No matter what you do, it feels like there is a price tag on it. Here are 9 things you should never spend your hard earned money on!
It feels like that everything in this life has some fee associated with it. Sure, there are some things that you have to pay for, but then there are other things that are just a company’s way of separating you from your hard earned money.
Here are 9 things you should never pay for:

1. Men’s Hair Cuts
Okay, hear us out. Most men don’t have a hairstyle that cannot be achieved by a pair of clippers and a kitchen sink. Think about it, men tend to have short hairstyles, so it shouldn’t cost them nearly $30 for a hair dresser to trim less than an inch from your head!

2. Bottled Water
Don’t listen to the claims the water companies make when they say their water comes from an untapped spring on a secluded island. Most cases, the water you’re drinking from that fancy square bottle comes from a faucet that’s very similar to the one in your home.

3. Odd Jobs Around the Home
You know that gardener you hire to trim your hedges or that cleaning lady that scrubs your floors once or twice a week? You are wasting your money on services that you could be doing yourself. Of course, if you don’t want to do it yourself, get the kids to do it and pay them. Then, make them pay for the things they’d normally ask you for out of their own money. It’s a win-win!

4. Paying for sex
There are countless dating websites with a guarantee that you are going to find someone you click with. Why not just try a free dating site instead? At least if you don’t meet someone, you can try again.

5. ATM Fees
A bank isn’t going to charge you to use their own ATMs, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about those places where you have to pay an additional two dollars for simply using their machine. If ever you need cash, either plan ahead and go to the bank beforehand, or always have some cash on you.

6. Gym Memberships
As much as we want to think that we are going to use those overpriced gym memberships, chances are we won’t be as eager to go as often a few months down the road. Instead of wasting your $20 to $50 (sometimes more!) a month on a gym membership, go outside and go for a walk, or invest in some home-gym equipment if you have the space!

7. Travel-size Products
If you travel frequently, save your money on those tiny bottles of stuff which isn’t enough to do much anyway. Instead, purchase empty bottles that follow the TSA’s guidelines. Then fill the bottles with your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and whatever else as you need it.

8. Movies
People who boast to having massive movie collections are crazy. It’s nice to show it off, yes, but when you think about all that wasted money that’s collecting dust, it’s a little sad. Be honest, how often do you watch those movies after you’ve bought them? Probably once in a blue moon. Instead, rent a movie on RedBox or any of the streaming services. Heck, for $8 a month, you can watch unlimited movies on Netflix! Many people have ditched cable just for that reason!

9. Soda
Okay, some people may not like this one, but soda is pretty bad for you and it’s expensive. Not only can you save some money by not buying it, but you’d be surprised by how much better you’ll start to feel if you cut it out of your diet all together.
What other things could you save money on? Let us know in the comments below!

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