If you want to gain more Instagram followers then influencer marketing is one of the best ways to do so. A best product of this amazing strategy is Instagramshoutout. A shoutout on Instagram involves two users who feature each other’s content to build up a following. The users can give a shoutout in the form of a photo or video and tell their followers to go check other’s account. The influencer can also instruct his/her followers to also follow your account as well. If these people like the content then you can have a hefty fan base at your disposal.

A shoutout is more like an agreement which can be made between parties at an equal or unequal footing. Getting top influencers on Instagram to feature your content on Instagram is very difficult. You will most likely have to pay them. Similarly, you may also have to feature other’s content on your account if they have the same follower count as yours. Here, we have lined up 9 tips to get your dream shoutouts on Instagram.

Produce quality and intriguing content

The first step to any Instagram marketing strategy is to produce quality and engaging content. If you are content is interesting then more people will engage with you? No influencer will give you ashoutout if they find your product, photos, videos and other content boring and typical. Try to be innovative with your stories and feed to capture the attention of your target. Once you have established a content-base, you can then move on to short listing your potential shoutout targets.

Look for brands and influencers similar to you

You have to target brands and influencers which post and engage with content similar to your niche. A simple reasoning is that the followers of a famous football player like football. If you are a fast food brand and you are pitching a football player for a shoutout, then chances are it won’t work. Or most probably the results won’t be as good. The best thing would be to ask a food blogger to give you a shoutout.

Partnering with accounts with similar number of followers as you

A shoutout is a two-way deal. An influencer or brand will only engage with you in this if they find something for themselves in it. It’s just the world we are living in. If you have around 10k Instagram followers and you are poking a 100k follower account then it’s no use. Most probably they won’t even reply to you, unless you are paying of course. A rule of thumb is to have at least a thousand followers before trying to get a free shoutout.

Partnering with top influencers

Partnering with a top influencer is all about money. If you want a shoutout from a top food blogger, not only your food should taste great but your content should be interesting too. These influencers have a lot of reach and can help you a lot in growing your Instagram followers. Depending upon the level of profile, these can charge differently. However, you may find someone who likes your content and may even give you a shoutout for free.

Engage with other accounts that you want to partner with

Before asking for a shoutout, you need to engage with these accounts. Try to like their posts, follow their stories and comment on their content to capture their attention. If you want you can also DM them to get insight into their journey. By doing this, you will show that you are interested in getting to know these brands. By engaging with them, you are setting them up for a potential request for shoutout.

Contact others for a shoutout through a formal channel

A request for shoutout is something that should be made formally. You need to email them through a proper channel. Look for the email button if it’s a business account or an email address in the account bio. If you can’t find these then you can also DM them on Instagram.

Don’t spam others’ profiles

One thing that you should never do is spamming others’ profiles asking for “shoutout for shoutout” in their every post. Asking for this over and over again in comments is only going to annoy them. And you will only end up getting a bad reputation than gaining a potential partner. Always use proper channel for asking forshoutout.

Prepare your product ad

Once you have done the deal and setup the nitty-gritty details, it’s time to setup your ad. Your ad should have a perfect picture of your product or service with an innovative and luring caption. It should also include a hashtag and a link that will take the follower to the online store of your brand. Short videos are becoming popular so that can be a good option too. Make sure to answer all the comments on the ads as soon as possible.

Analyze the results of the shoutout

Placing shoutouts will tremendously increase your brand’s reach, site’s traffic, sales and account’s engagement rates. Make sure to analyze the results of the shoutout to form an even better strategy next time. It will give your insight as to what new things you should try and which brands or influencers to partner with next.

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